Curriculum Committee Members

Gretchen N. Arnold

Keith E. Littlewood, M.D.

Robert A. Bloodgood, Ph.D.

Mohan  Nadkarni, M.D.

Megan J. Bray, M.D. 

Christine M. Peterson, M.D. 

Troy S. Buer

Jerry G. Short, Ph.D. 

Donna T. Chen, M.D.

Linda A. Waggoner-Fountain, M.D.

Eugene C. Corbett, M.D.

William G. Wilson, M.D. 

Thomas J. Gampper, M.D.

Mary K. Worden, Ph.D.

Wendy L. Golden, Ph.D.

Jonathan Hemler

Donald J. Innes, Jr., M.D. *

Nicole White

 * Curriculum Committee Chair


CURRICULUM COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP: The Committee is comprised of a minimum of six and no more than nine at-large faculty members and two student members. Term for at-large faculty is two years, with one consecutive renewal. Two at-large members are elected from the general medical faculty by the School of Medicine representatives of the Faculty Senate to assure direct faculty participation and a broad faculty perspective to the decision-making process, independent of departmental or central administration points of view. The remaining at-large faculty members are selected for their sustained interest and activity in medical education and for their independent points of view. Of the two student members, one shall be a representative of the Mulholland Society and one of the Student Medical Education Committee. The remaining members of the committee are members by virtue of their position:

Associate Dean for Curriculum (Chair)
Chair, Clinical Medicine Committee*
Chair, Principles of Medicine Committee*
Associate Dean for Office of Medical Education Support
Associate Dean and Director Health Sciences Library, ex-officio
Director of MERI (Medical Education Research Institute), ex-officio
Representative, Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education
Representative, Clinical Performance Education Center

* Elected from and by the membership of the Clinical Medicine and Principles of Medicine Committees, respectively.

All Committee members are expected to contribute to the Committee's activities and attend at least 2/3 of regular meetings. While the Principles and Clinical Medicine committee members represent their disciplines and focus on basic science or clinical education, service on the Curriculum Committee requires a primary commitment to the general well being and advancement of medical education at UVA. The members elected from the General Faculty should have a demonstrated interest in undergraduate medical education and be willing and able to serve on the Curriculum Committee.

- 09.02.08