Minutes 070909

Minutes 070909

Curriculum Evaluation Community
Meeting Minutes
July 09, 2009

Prepared by: Elizabeth Bradley, Ph.D.

In attendance: Elizabeth Bradley, Bob Bloodgood, Ellen Ramsey, Jerry Short, Joel Hockensmith, Linda Waggoner-Fountain, Jeff Young, Anne Chapin, Chris Peterson.  Unable to attend: Troy Buer, Keith Littlewood, Evan Heald, Emily Binns, Jenny Hettema, Jim Martindale, Nicole White, Brad Bradenham, Laura Page, Emily Binns, Jon Hemler, Carl Creutz, Eve Bargmann, Gene Corbett, Tina Ho, Tina Brashers, John Herr, Melanie McCollum, Donna Chen, Amy Alson, Veronica Michaelsen.

Major Discussion Points:

  1. The following excerpts are available on the Collab site (from M. Patton Utilization Focused Evaluation).  They succinctly describe the many uses a broad scale program evaluation may have within an institution.
    1. Primary Uses of Evaluation Findings
    2. Evaluation Process and its uses/impact.

  2. Evaluation ideas/suggestions from stakeholder interviews:  The majority of the meeting was spent reviewing the many program evaluation ideas (over 60 in all) that were identified through the stakeholder interviews conducted in the Spring. This summary is available on the Collab site for your continued review.  The ideas will be sorted by the 5 curriculum goals, and then prioritized according to relevance, efficacy, and potential impact.

  3. Student evaluation: Questions arose about the most useful way to meaningfully evaluate/assess students on rotations. Should students be evaluated as a team? Should they be compared to other students? What is the best type of evaluation to use for the different settings students are in? How do we evaluate student professionalism? This discussion will continue.

  4. Next Steps: Continue work to create the program evaluation plan which will include  questions, resources, uses, etc. A draft will be presented at our next meeting, and then made available at the August 22nd Curriculum Retreat.


Action Items (Person(s) responsible):

  • 1. Review LCME requirements regarding Curriculum Evaluation (EB, VM, others?)
  • 2. Creation of Outcome Logic Model for the Next Generation Curriculum (EB, VM)

Next Meeting:  Wednesday August 19th, 1:30-2:30,
Library Administration Conference Room