Minutes 05.14.09

Minutes 05.14.09

Curriculum Evaluation Community
Meeting Minutes
May 14, 2009

Prepared by: Elizabeth Bradley, Ph.D.

In attendance:, Carl Creutz, Elizabeth Bradley, Eve Bargmann, Melanie McCollum, Veronica Michaelsen, Chris Peterson, Ellen Ramsey, Anne Chapin, Jerry Short, Tina Ho Unable to attend: Troy Buer, Keith Littlewood, Jenny Hettema, Bob Bloodgood, Jim Martindale, Nicole White, Brad Bradenham, Laura Page, Emily Binns, Jon Hemler.

Major Discussion Points:

  1. Briefly reviewed the idea of "A Systems Approach to Curriculum Evaluation." This concept is being used to frame the development and eventual implementation of System 1: Molecular and Cellular Medicine, as well to frame the activities of the Curriculum Evaluation Community. The 5 basic steps include:

     i. Goal: Specify what the system (community) will provide. "The Curriculum Evaluation Community is charged with the task of developing and implementing an evaluation system to determine the degree to which the goals of the new curriculum are achieved. Evaluation data will be reported to and utilized by the Curriculum Committee for continuous curricular improvement." 
     ii.  Pathway: Who will provide what to whom?  We have identified and are interviewing multiple stakeholders as the first step in this process.
     iii.  Connection: Specify how those responsible for successive stages should communicate, including identifying specific feedback loops.
     iv. Work Activity: Specify how the work will be done, using clear guidelines and setting expectations. 
     v.  Improvement: Specify a plan for solving the problems, as close to the occurrence as possible.

  2. Position descriptions/roles of Curriculum Evaluation Community (CEC) members: A proposed list of CEC members was distributed and reviewed. Faculty Development and MSTP representation were added.  The group will work on developing this document detailing the roles and responsibilities of Community members, in an effort to set clear expectations for the group members, and to provide structure and transparency to the curriculum evaluation process. Additionally, the group will consider names of clinical faculty to participate on the CEC.

  3. Update on Stakeholder interviews:

     a. The following stakeholder summaries are now on the Collab site: Basic Science course directors, POM 1 course director, Clerkship Directors, Admissions Committee, Curriculum Committee, Medical Education staff, MSTP Director, Faculty Development. Summaries coming soon to Collab: Standardized Patients, Student Affairs, System 1: MCM, Financial Aid, and Library/Information Technology.
     b. Follow-up will occur with the following groups: Residency Directors, the Deans, Research Administration, and the Systems.

  4. The group was asked to consider what measurements of the Class of 2013 (incoming Fall of 2009) we should consider, as the last class to go through the old curriculum. Please send ideas to EB.

  5. In the next few weeks, an evaluation approach/model will be identified to frame the Curriculum Evaluation process.

Action Items (Person(s) responsible):

  1. Develop Community membership positions/roles. (EB and ALL)
  2. Contact clinical faculty to join the Community (EB/VM)
  3. Continue interviewing stakeholder groups (EB, VM, CP)
  4. Review LCME requirements regarding Curriculum Evaluation (EB, VM, others?)
  5. Identify evaluation model/framework. (EB/VM)

Next Meeting:  TBA