Minutes 04.17.09

Minutes 04.17.09

Curriculum Evaluation Community
Meeting Minutes
April 17, 2009

Prepared by: Elizabeth Bradley, Ph.D.


In attendance:, Carl Creutz, Bob Bloodgood, Elizabeth Bradley, Jim Martindale, Melanie McCollum, Veronica Michaelsen, Chris Peterson, Ellen Ramsey,. Unable to attend: Troy Buer, Keith Littlewood, Eve Bargmann, Jenny Hettema, Anne Chapin, Jerry Short.

Major Discussion Points:

  1. Goals of curriculum reform: The community finalized the stated goals of the curriculum reform. They are as follows:

    a. Assure all graduates demonstrate mastery of the 12 UVA School of Medicine Competencies Required of the Contemporary Physician.
    b. Integrate content around the organ systems.
    c. Integrate clinical and basic science content across the four years and within courses/blocks.
    d. Utilize more active learning methodologies and provide a learner centered curriculum.
    e. Provide frequent and developmental opportunities for clinical skill learning throughout the curriculum.

  2. Collab site: The Curriculum Evaluation Community has a functioning Collab site entitled "CurriculumEvaluation." Several reference documents, meeting minutes, and agendas are in place on the site.

  3. Student Representation: The following four (4) positions from the student governance/service structure were identified as appropriate for student representation on the Curriculum Evaluation Community:

    a. SMEC Chair (4th Year)
    b. SMEC Reps(2) and Mulholland VPs (2) (3rd year)
    c. 2nd Year Class President or designee
    d. 1st year Class President of designee

  4. Adding Clinical Faculty: The group membership agreed that greater clinical faculty representation would be beneficial. Faculty will be solicited representing the following areas: inpatient teaching, the clerkships, POM-1 and -2, the residency programs, and the nursing school. Additionally, individual faculty who have expressed or demonstrated (through their scholarly work) interest in curriculum evaluation will be contacted.

  5. Position descriptions/roles of Curriculum Evaluation Community members: Following the discussion about adding clinical faculty and students, the group identified a need for a document describing the roles of the group membership. The group will work on developing this document detailing the roles and responsibilities of Community members, in an effort to set clear expectations for the group members, and to provide structure and transparency to the curriculum evaluation process.

  6. Identification of stakeholders to interview:  The following individuals/groups were identified as stakeholders to interview regarding the following questions:

    Ø Are you aware that the curriculum is changing?
    Ø What are your hopes/expectations of the new curriculum?
    Ø What improvements in medical education would you like to see?
    Ø What evaluation questions/information would be useful to you?
    Ø How will you know if we have educated better residents or doctors?

    a.      Students: Inquire about using the spring Student Affairs sponsored Town Hall meeting as a group interview opportunity

    b.      Faculty: 
     i. Basic Science Course Directors/others: The group reviewed the summarized comments prepared by BB. They were very useful.
     ii. Clerkship Directors: The group reviewed the summarized comments prepared by JS. They were very useful. Additionally a comment was e-mailed following the meeting that the group should question the clerkship directors at away sites. 
     iii. Clinical faculty: The POM-1 and -2 course directors will be contacted, and the Cells to Society clinical faculty.  

    c.       Administration:
     i. Admissions: Contact the Director of Admissions for members to interview.
     ii. Library: Contact Karen Knight
     iii. Student Affairs: Contact Allison Innes and Jill Clarke
    iv. Research Administration: Specifics TBD
     v. Deans: Attend a Dean's meeting

    Curriculum Committee: Will ask to be on agenda to have a group discussion at an upcoming meeting.

    e.      System Leaders:  Will ask to be on agenda to have a group discussion at an upcoming meeting.

    f.        Foundations: Will ask to be on agenda to have a group discussion at an upcoming meeting.

    g.      Staff: Contact Elizabeth Wright in the Simulation Center. Contact Jerry Short about attending an upcoming Med Ed meeting.

    h.      Standardized Patients: Contact Anne Chapin

    i.         MSTP Directors: Contact Gary Owens

    j.        Residency Directors:  Contact Susan Kirk

    k.       Faculty Development: Contact Sue Pollart

Action Items (Person(s) responsible):

  • 1. Invite student representatives to May 1 meeting (EB)
  • 2. Develop Community membership positions/roles. (EB and ALL)
  • 3. Contact clinical faculty to join the Community (EB/VM)
  • 4. Interview Stakeholder groups (EB, VM, CP, MM)

Next Meeting:  May 1, 2009, 9-10:30, Library Administrative Conference Room