Minutes 02.26.09

Minutes 02.26.09

Curriculum Evaluation Community
Meeting Minutes
February 26, 2009


In attendance:  Eve Bargmann, Bob Bloodgood, Elizabeth Bradley, Howard Kutchai, Jim Martindale, Melanie McCollum, Veronica Michaelsen, Chris Peterson, Ellen Ramsey, Jerry Short. Unable to attend: Troy Buer, Anne Chapin, Carl Creutz, Keith Littlewood

Major Discussion Points:

  1. Reviewed the goals of the curriculum reform process. These include:

    a.  Insure all graduates meet the requirements of the 12 UVA Medical School
    b. Integrate content around the organ systems
    c. Integrate clinical and basic science content across the four years.
    d. Utilize more active learning methodologies
    e. Provide robust opportunities for clinical development.

    The committee will verify prior to our next meeting that these are in fact the stated institutional goals, as these goals will serve as the starting place for developing the curriculum evaluation plan.

  2. The general goals of this evaluation process are to aid in decision making as this curriculum is designed and implemented, to determine if the stated curricular goals are being achieved, and to provide information for a quality improvement process.

  3. The group spent a large portion of the meeting brainstorming the question "what are we interested in learning more about?" through the evaluation process. The questions/topics are as follows:

    a.  How did the curriculum change impact the applicant pool/matriculant pool (+about 30 students)
    b. How did the curriculum change impact the quality and nature of residencies selected?
    c. How is the new curriculum assessing students as they progress through the 4 years?
    d. How did the curriculum change impact student wellness?
    e. Student feedback regarding the change.
    f.  Clerkship directors opinion about the new curriculum, how the old and new compare regarding student qualities.
    g.   Residency directors opinions about UVA students.
    h.  Impact of new Medical Education building
    i.   Impact of pedagogical changes
    j. Impact of scope and sequence changes to curriculum content. 
    k.  Review of current evaluation instruments
    l.  Communication processes within the curriculum
    m.  Interprofessional Education Initiative
    n.  Faculty resources (who's teaching what, when, at what cost) 
    o.  Scholarship outcomes
    p.  How well will the MD/PhD program coordinate with the new curriculum/how will it be impacted by the new curriculum?
    q.  How will student involvement in basic science research be impacted by the new curriculum?
    r.  How is the overall health of the students under the new curriculum?
    s. What are the goals of the stakeholders regarding the new curriculum? To include:
    i. Students 
     ii. Faculty
     iii. Administration
     iv. Staff
     v. Curriculum Committee
     vi. Community/System leaders
     vii. The public/local community
     viii. Patients
     ix. LCME

    t.  How has community involvement changed?
    u. What is the impact on the UVA SOM reputation?

    What are the psychometric properties of our current evaluation tools, and their intended purpose? Which tools can we keep using?

  4. We will continue to work to define the PURPOSE of this evaluation, which will then guide decisions regarding scope, data collection, analysis and dissemination of information.

    Action Items (Person responsible):

    a.  Determine the officially stated goals of the curriculum reform (Elizabeth Bradley and Veronica Michaelsen)
    b. Create Collab site (Elizabeth Bradley and Veronica Michaelsen)
    c. Ask stakeholders what their goals of the curriculum reform and the evaluation process are. (see 3.a-v, TBA)
    d.  Gather all of the current evaluation tools and begin reviewing the purpose of each and their psychometric properties. (TBA)

Next Meeting:  TBA