Evaluation Community

Evaluation Community

Curriculum Evaluation

Statement of Purpose:  The development of the "Next Generation" Medical Education Curriculum creates an important responsibility for the parallel development of a robust system of program evaluation. The Curriculum Evaluation Community is charged with the task of developing and implementing an evaluation system to determine the degree to which the goals of the new curriculum are achieved. Evaluation data will be reported to and utilized by the Curriculum Committee for continuous curricular improvement.

Meeting Minutes

10/06/09 Draft of Presentation to be given to Currriciulum Commitee 10/8/09, Introduction of Concerns Based Adoption Model, Perioperative and Acute Care Medicine Clinical Skill Study
09/01/09 New Participant Introductions, Interprofessional Education Initiative, Discussion about Comparing the Old and New Curriculum
08/19/09 Curriculum Retreat, Review of Logic Model, Review of the Program Evaluation Plan
07/09/09 "Primary Uses of Evaluation Findings, Evaluation Process and it's Uses/Impact exerpts on Collab site, Evaluation Ideas/Suggestions from Stakeholder Interviews, Student Evaluation,
06/23/09 Introduction of New Community Members and Consultants, Dean's Request, Update on Stakeholder Interviews
05/14/09 Review of "A Systems Approach to Curriculum Evaluation,"  Position Descriptions/Roles of Curriculum Evaluation Community Members, Update on Stakeholder Interviews
04/17/09 Finalized Goals of Curriculum Reform, Collab Site, Student Representation, Adding Clinical Faculty Representation, Position Descriptions/Roles of Curriculum Evaluation Community Members, Identification of Stakeholders to Interview


Goals of Curriculum Evaluation Process, LCME Data, Evaluation Instruments, Impact of Perioperative Clerkship on Clinical Skills Development,  Stakeholder Interviews


Goals of the Curriculum Reform and Curriculum Evaluation Process