Minutes 12.10.12

Minutes 12.10.12

Clerkship/Post Clerkship Committee
December 10, 2012


Members Present: Bray, Cheng, Heald, Keeley, McGahren, Newberry, Potter, Solorzano, Schroen, Jackson, Ham, Lieb, Sudhir, Wispleway, Herrington

McDaniel, N, recorder of minutes


  1. Technical Standards for LCME: the LCME requires that all SOM have technical standards for admission, promotion and graduation. The UVA SOM adopted the AAMC standards for admission in the late 1970’s. This committee discussed this in October meeting. A sub-group (McGahren, Bray, Schroen, Ham, McDaniel) sent draft document to Leslie Thomas and Dr. Canterbury in November. The SOM has returned a document to this committee asking for links to specific learning objectives.
  2. Proposed evaluation change has been tabled for current time
  3. Proposed centralization of Clerkship Coordinators: there was extensive discussion of this issue. All of the clerkship directors present (and one by email who could not be present) do not support this proposal. In particular they note that having the coordinator in the department is optimal for communication and clerkship support. They note that the clerkship coordinators provide more than 50% of their effort to the clerkship and at times it is a full time job for many of them. Dr. Sudhir noted that for EM having the coordinator in Anesthesia Department makes her job as director more time consuming because she does more of the direct faculty contact. Concerns expressed:

  4. Clerkship Grading: propose weighting of components across the clerkships was discussed. The goal is consistency across the clerkships so that students know what to expect. The students expect transparency in the grading components.
    There was extensive discussion related to this topic. The following points were stated:
  5. This committee requests knowledge of curricular items planned for the intersession for August 2013. This committee supports vacation for the students if the curricular items are less than a full 5 days. Suggested items for the intersession from this committee


  6. There was discussion of how often the SHELF examinations will be give with the new clerkship format


Action Items for this committee and each clerkship director:

  1. Review Technical standards and link learning objective to items. Due by January 4, 2013. Send links to Nancy McDaniel and copy Leslie Thomas please.
  2. Clerkship directors to meet with Michelle Yoon to review clerkship learning objectives to be completed by December 15, 2012.
  3. Identify materials that support learning objectives also by January 15, 2013.
  4. Finalize assessment methods which are linked to learning objectives by January 15, 2013.
  5. Each clerkship (director and coordinator) will work with Medical Education Technology to have information/learning materials etc in standard format ( this is ongoing under leadership of John Jackson whose team is working with clerkship coordinators)
  6. Align grading scheme as noted to start in March 2013 with class of 2015
  7. Request to SOM  for clarification of how to use current evaluations to calculate clinical grade
  8. Communication to students about the components of grades should occur


Next Meeting: January 28, 2013 5:00 PM in the Pediatric Conference Room