Minutes 11.28.11

Minutes 11.28.11

November 28, 2011

Attending: Drs. Cheng, Wispelwey, Lieb, McGahren, Herrington, Bray, Heald, Potter, Keeley, Ham, A. Innes, D. Innes,  Jackson, Mr. Zhao,  Ms. Chapin, Wilson


The meeting was called to order at 5:00 PM.   The committee members were reminded of the upcoming “overlap period” in the clerkship year, which will begin Feb. 27, 2012 and last for 8 weeks.  The clerkships were encouraged to plan as much as possible in advance. The rosters for both Block 6 for the class of 2013 and Block 1 for the class of 2014 are available through OASIS, and this will allow for some tentative scheduling  of specific students.


The issue of passports and the “ED-2” lists was discussed. John Jackson reported that UVA has been in contact with the developer of OASIS, and an electronic version of the passports that could be signed off on an iPhone or iTouch may be available by the start of the upcoming clerkship year. This would allow for attendings and residents to “sign off” on passport items using an electronic method and could eliminate the need for the paper passports. At present, the content of the passports for the individual clerkships would remain the same, although the potential for revising the passports and possibly merging the passports and the ED-2 lists needs to be discussed.  Dr. Don Innes mentioned that there would not be a change in passport content for the upcoming clerkship year. He also raised the possibility of an “integrated passport” that would follow the student longitudinally through the clerkships.  John Jackson has compiled the ED-2 lists from all of the clerkships and this will be circulated so that we can determine if there are gaps or unnecessary redundancies in the lists.


There was discussion of what our expectations for skills acquisition for our students on the clerkships and prior to graduation should be.  Several skills that were formerly attainable during the clerkships are much less so now, due in part to changes in technology and the availability of different therapeutic modalities.  The list that was compiled by Dr. Corbett may be helpful in defining what skills should be taught and mastered, and when in the curriculum should a given skill be taught.


The Transition Course for the Class of 2014 will take place Feb 13-24, 2012, and will include EPIC training for those students as well as some of the workshops that currently occur during clerkships.


Dr. Innes mentioned that there will be a need to more specifically link the learning objectives for the clerkships to assessments. This may be done using online quiz assessments of knowledge, but the assessments of clinical skills and attitudes may be more difficult to achieve. The possibility of an “OSCE” at mid year, possibly tailored to a given student’s clerkship exposures, was raised. This will need further discussion.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:44  PM.  It is probable that there will be another meeting in January 2012.


Respectfully submitted,

William G. Wilson, MD

Chair, Clinical Medicine Committee