Minutes 08.27.12

Minutes 08.27.12

 Clerkship/Post Clerkship Committee: August 27, 2012


Members Present: Bray, Cheng, Heald, Herrington, Keeley, McGahren, Newberry, Potter, Solorzano, Wispelwey, Wilson, Chapin, A. Innes, Lieb, Schroen, Hsu, Jackson, D. Innes, Ham

Guests: Casey White, James Martindale

McDaniel, N, recorder of minutes


  1. Mid clerkship evaluation discussion with Casey White and James Martindale
  2. Medical student documentation in EPIC
  3. Grading components across the clerkships


  1. Discussion of mid clerkship evaluation

    a.       Mid clerkship evaluation should be low stakes but assess progress of student on learning objectives, can reflect progress on assigned readings or projects

    b.      Mid clerkship evaluation is done in addition to mid clerkship feedback

    c.       Review of learning objectives or evaluation questions is available from the Medical Education evaluation/support office

  2. Medical Student documentation (not discussed secondary to lack of time)

    a.       Student note “tab” was approved by the HIMS (Health Information SubCommittee), student notes will be “filtered to that area but available in other sections as well

    b.      Student note will have disclaimer at the top in which states:

    c.       The student note can be forwarded in EPIC to the supervising resident or attending who can make comments or suggested changes, the student may accept the changes however,  the student will remain the author of the note

  3. Grading Components across the clerkship: discussion deferred to next meeting

  4. Dr. Potter shared that a student had threatened her. Dr. Keeley noted that the student affairs office has been dealing with this student.


Next Meeting: Sept. 24, 2012, Pediatric Conference Room, 5:00 PM (cancelled)

Next Meeting: Oct. 22, 2012 5 PM Pediatric Conference Room, 5:00 PM


  1. Threat Assessment
  2. Technical Standards for LCME (Leslie Thomas)
  3. Clerkship Grading: propose weighting of components across the clerkships
  4. Summary of clerkship changes for class of 2015
  5. Proposed clerkship coordinator centralization
  6. Xcredit: single site for clerkship information
  7. Oasis: single site for clerkship events and basis for pay for teaching