Minutes 08.18.11

Minutes 08.18.11

Minutes 08.18.11

Clinical Medicine Committee
August 18, 2011


Attending: Drs. Cheng, Wispelwey, Lieb, Schroen, Heald, , A. Innes, D. Innes,  Jackson, Ham, Mr. Zhao,  Ms. Chapin, Wilson

The meeting was called to order at 5:00 PM. 

Dr. Wilson introduced Dr. Huai Cheng and Dr. Anneke Schroen. Dr. Cheng is the new Clerkship Director for the Genatrics Clerkship, replacing Dr. Aval Green, and Dr. Schroen is the new Associate Surgery Clerkship Director and will be working with Dr. Gene McGahren.

Dr. Allison Innes informed the group that the templates for the clerkship assignments for the Class of 2014 have been set. The specific individual assignments will be made soon, but knowing the number of students who will be assigned to each clerkship during period 1 for next year will enable the clerkships to plan for the overlap period in more detail. The clerkship directors were encouraged to start planning  for that period, which will begin in late February 2012. One approach that has been mentioned is that of “pairing” a student from the class of 2013 with one of the students from the class of 2014. 

The issue of EPIC access for medical students from home (or sites outside the hospital) was discussed. This had been discussed at a previous meeting, where none of the clerkships said that they required that medical students have EPIC access from home.  That opinion was reiterated.  It was commented  that many of the changes in resident and medical student work hour requirements and in the schedules for the pre-clinical courses at UVA have been done to provide students more balance and time away from work.  It was also pointed out that students spend a portion of their 3rd year away from UVA.  It was mentioned that students do have access from their living quarters on some rotations, but those are technically “on site” locations, and not “access from home”.  The theoretical concerns about violations of privacy of our patients were also raised.  It was felt that students who needed outside access from home for research projects could apply individually for such access.

There was discussion about preparation for the LCME visit, which will happen in several years. The need for mid-clerkship assessment and/or feedback was mentioned, followed by considerable discussion about how this might work on a brief clerkship, and what the level of remediation might be. It was pointed out that very few UVA students do poorly on the clinical portions of their rotations. However, the LCME may feel that documented mid-course or mid-clerkship assessment of all students is necessary. This issue will be discussed further.

Dr. Don Innes presented some information on faculty teaching time for the UVA clerkship sites, and asked the clerkship directors to review that information. He also mentioned the need for evaluations of courses and clerkships, and that process is being developed.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:04 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
William G. Wilson, MD
Chair, Clinical Medicine Committee