Minutes 06.24.13

Minutes 06.24.13

June 24, 2013


ATTENDING:  Drs. D. Innes, A. Innes, P. Ham, M. Keeley, H. Cheng, E.  Heald, E. Bradley, B. Wilson, Sylvie Moore.

The meeting was called to order by Dr. Wilson at 5 PM.  A concern that had been expressed by the clerkship coordinators was mentioned; some of the students on the clerkships have been waiting until the end of the clerkship to enter their passport items which need to be “signed off” by an attending or resident.  It was agreed that having the students enter the information in “real time” would be preferable, and this should be mentioned at each clerkship orientation.  John Jackson discussed a “mobile app” that is available to facilitate signing-off on passport items by students. This has been piloted by several clerkships, and is available through John Jackson’s office. The use of this “app” may improve the issue of getting timely sign-offs.

Elizabeth Bradley presented a draft of a proposed new “end of clerkship”  evaluation form, to be used by students in the evaluation of the clerkships.  There was considerable discussion of the form; one concern was that some of the items may not apply to every clerkship or to all components of a given clerkship. She also presented a draft of an evaluation form, to be used by attendings and residents in the evaluation of students. This form was discussed by those in attendance. One concern was the relatively small space for providing narrative comments, which were felt to be quite important for preparation of the summary narrative for the clerkship, which is used for the MSPE.

John Jackson mentioned new learning modules that were being developed by Lisa Rollins for “residents as teachers”.  There will be seven learning modules; this will be helpful in meeting the LCME standard.

It was announced that the NBME will be raising the minimum passing score for the Step 2 CK exam from the current score of 196 to 203, effective July 1, 2013. It was felt that almost all of our students would have passed the exam using the new score.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

William G. Wilson, MD