Minutes 06/04/12

Minutes 06/04/12

Clerkship/Post Clerkship Committee
June 4, 2012

Members Present: Huai, Ham, Herrington, Newberry, Potter, Solorzano, Wilson, A. Innes, Lieb, Jackson, D. Innes

McDaniel, N, recorder of minutes 

1.      Discussion of Mid Clerkship Evaluation

a. Philosophical discussion: is this a quiz or is this a check in to see if “milestones” are being met, is this a grade or is this pass/fail

b. OB clerkship is also emphasizing self evaluation at mid clerkship

c. Neurology has instituted weekly quizzes related to the learning objectives

d. Pediatrics and Internal Medicine expressed concern about how to keep questions secure and felt that this would take away from the “patient related” reading for rounds

e. Concerns expressed related to the order in which the clerkship is taken impacting grade

f. Per Dr. Innes this should be low stakes, around 5-10% of the clerkship grade and questions must relate to the learning objectives which the shelf exam cannot

g. The question of who gives the student the evaluation was raised
     -ward attending
     -clerkship director

Next Meeting July 23, 2012, 5 PM in the Pediatric Conference Room


  1. Mid clerkship evaluation
  2. Report from Clerkship coordinators
  3. Clerkship requirement (passport) issues
  4. Clerkship changes (from Curriculum Committee)