Minutes 02.25.13

Minutes 02.25.13

FEBRUARY 25, 2013

The Clerkship/Post Clerkship Committee met Monday, 2/25, at 5:00 pm in the Pediatric Conference Room.

Members present: Newberry, Huai, Ham, Herrington, Keeley, McGahren, Schroen, Solorzano, Shah, Wispelwey, Heald, Wilson, Chapin, Innes, A, Innes D, Lieb, Jackson, McDaniel

Guest: Sylvie Moore, Surgery Clerkship Coordinator

  1. Technical Standard Discussion: a CPD level document is in draft which delineates the expectations for CPD skills.  This will be sent for review by Clerkship Directors.

  2. Professionalism Document: members to review and comment, this will be standard for clerkship professional ism performance.     Professionalism Objectives for Clerkships Document.

  3. Learning Objectives: table with current progress shows all clerkships have completed review of learning objectives and most have the L.O.s entered in to Xcredit.  Learning Objectives/Resource Table

  4. Learning Materials: clerkships have not linked L.O. to specific learning materials yet. It is recommended that one or two textbooks can be referenced.  Specific articles or specialty information can be linked if preferred by Clerkship leadership. Clerkship coordinators have been educated on the process to link learning objectives to learning materials in Xcredit.  Each clerkship could have a discussion board for a more dynamic process if they choose. John Jackson and his team can discuss this with interested clerkships.

  5. Grading Components: summary of the grading components was distributed. This has been accepted by the Curriculum Committee as the guideline for clerkship grade components.  This has been discussed with SOM class of 2015 at Transition Course.
            -Knowledge Evaluation 25% (range 20-30%), usually subject (SHELF) examination
            -Clinical performance including professionalism 55% (range 50-65%)
            -Mid clerkship assessment 20% (suggested, this can be non graded but upper range of end of
              clerkship knowledge test should be no more than 30%)

    Clerkship Grading Guidelines

    Mid clerkship feedback is required. Elements that inform the feedback should be documented. A sample format was presented. Student self-assessment was suggested as an additional component of the feedback process. 

  6. OSCEs for clerkships
    -OB has a well established OSCE for clerkship
    -Medicine OSCE starting in May 2013, likely pilot this year, to be incorporated in formal assessment for class of 2016.
    -plan Surgery OSCE starting May 2014: need surgical faculty expertise on the OSCE planning committee
    -Family Medicine Clerkship is interested in OSCE

  7. Clerkship Coordinator organization and coverage was discussed. The following clerkship coordinators will provide coverage and assistance to each other.
    a.      Peri-Operative/Anesthesia, Emergency Medicine, Surgery
    b.      Family Medicine/Pediatrics/Obstetrics and Gynecology
    c.      AIM/Medicine
    d.      Neurology, Psychiatry

    Cross-Clerkship Coverage Document

  8. Scrub Policy discussed: Gray scrubs for sterile areas only. Students can check them out with ID as per protocol. No scrubs are currently planned to be provided to students on call, in ED or ICUs. This is not settled.

  9. iPhone application for Clerkship Requirement sign off is now operational. Anesthesia/Peri-Operative will be piloting this first.


  10. Evaluations were discussed. Each clerkship will set a minimum number of residents and minimum number of faculty that the students are required to evaluate. The evaluation will use the wording of supervising physician.

    Nancy McDaniel
    Recorder of Minutes