Minutes 01.28.13

Minutes 01.28.13

Clerkship/Post Clerkship Committee
January 28, 2013

Members Present: Bray, Cheng, Heald, Keeley, McGahren, Solorzano, Schroen, Jackson, Ham, Lieb, Sudhir, Wispelway, Herrington, Shah, Wilson, Chapin, Jackson

McDaniel, N, recorder of minutes

Action Items for this committee and each clerkship director from the December meeting

  1. Review Technical standards and link learning objective to items. Due by January 4, 2013. Send links to Nancy McDaniel and copy Leslie Thomas please.
  2. Clerkship directors to meet with Michelle Yoon to review clerkship learning objectives to be completed by December 15, 2012.
  3. Identify materials that support learning objectives also by January 15, 2013.
  4. Finalize assessment methods which are linked to learning objectives by January 15, 2013.
  5. Each clerkship (director and coordinator) will work with Medical Education Technology to have information/learning materials etc in standard format ( this is ongoing under leadership of John Jackson whose team is working with clerkship coordinators)
  6. Align grading scheme as noted to start in March 2013 with class of 2015
  7. Request to SOM  for clarification of how to use current evaluations to calculate clinical grade (this has been requested, still in progress)
  8. Communication to students about the components of grades should occur


  1. Clerkship Coordinators primary “home” will remain in the department. The coordinators plan to form teams for training and back-up which will start in the summer of 2013. The coordinators will be copied on minutes of this committee unless specifically excluded.
  2. Binit Shah was introduced as the associate director for the Neurology Clerkship
  3. Learning Objectives for most clerkships have been reviewed and finalized. Michelle Yoon has been working with the Clerkship Directors. These need to be finalized by the end of February.
  4. Learning Materials that support the Learning Objectives was extensively discussed.
    a.  It has been suggested that 1 or 2 textbooks would be the primary sources for the students on the clerkships. Michelle Yoon is to consult with HSL staff to list the available electronic texts appropriate for each clerkship. She will contact the clerkship director for approval.
    b. If textbooks are suggested, it was recommended that the text be available through the library and if possible as electronic source.
    c. There was extensive discussion surrounding the learning materials. The range of opinions expressed was from “textbooks are appropriate and expected by the students” to “textbooks are not adequate for students.”
    d. Clerkships can link learning objectives to journal articles or other sources. This also would be due by end of February.
  5. Mid-clerkship feedback and assessment was extensively discussed. Again there was a range of opinions with regards to this topic.
    a. There was agreement that the LCME requires mid-clerkship feedback
    b. There was disagreement on the interpretation that feedback must be supported by a mid-clerkship formative assessment
    c. Several clerkships have plans for graded (low stakes) assessment (Neurology, OB/GYN, Emergency Medicine),
    d. Several clerkships have plans for non-graded assessment (Pediatrics, Psychiatry)
    e. Several clerkships have not articulated their plans (Medicine, Surgery, Family Medicine, Anesthesia)
  6. Clerkship coordinators are working with Medical Education Support on web-sites to make sure they are complete and uniform across clerkships
  7. Clerkship requirements were discussed
    a. Coordinators report that for the most part students are entering the items in a timely manner
    b. AIM and FM continue to have issues with the electronic format because OASIS is not an option for them
    c. John Jackson reports that the iPhone application for the sign-off should be operational by March 2013. This would allow timely sign-off by faculty or resident but does not preclude web-based entry and sign-off. Faculty will be given instructions on how to set up a 4 digit pin for sign-off.
    d. Clerkship Directors should review the passports for items that could be student self-report (lists or logs) and not require sign-off. Any revisions must be done by 2/22 so that technical changes can be made prior to the start of the next clerkship cohort (Class of 2015).
  8. Technical Standards: not discussed
  9. Clarification of time lines for learning objectives, learning materials and grading components was requested.



  1. Next meeting February 25, 2013, Pediatric Conference room
  2. Joint Clerkship Meeting February 20, 2013, please attend. If you cannot please have your associate program director attend