Joint CMC 02.20.13

Joint CMC 02.20.13

Joint CMC 02.20.13

Joint Clerkship Meeting Winter 2013
(Charlottesville, Fairfax, Richmond, Salem & Western State)
Wednesday, February 20th University of Virginia School of Medicine
Jordan Hall Conference Center – Room 2ABC

Present (underlined) were: Megan Bray, Yvonne Newberry,  Huai ChengPeter Ham,  Evan  Heald,  Brian Wispelwey,  Pamila Herrington, Eugene  McGahren, Anneke Schroen,  Jared  Christophel for Thomas Gamper,  Sylvie MooreGuillermo Solorzano,  Benit Shah,   Keith Littlewood, Ashley ShillingAmita SudhirStephen CollinsWilliam WilsonAnne Chapin, Allison InnesDonald Innes,  John Jackson,  Megan Keeley, Nancy McDaniel,  Elisabeth Wright, Casey White,  Courtney Chou, Andrew MatzAlane CelliJill Clarke,  Brenda Casinger, Gary Collin, Thomas Eldridge, Linda Ferguson-Saunders, Kristin Funk, Michael Greenage, Anne Hutchins, Mehdi Kazemi,  Thomas Martin, Jasbir Mavi, Jorge Rivera, Albert Weed,  Noel Mensah-BonsuSage Claydon, Ellen Graham, Elizabeth Arons, Barbara HaskinsSteve  Borowitz,  Lisa Rollins, Bart Nathan


  1.  Following coffee and a light breakfast Don Innes and Nancy McDaniel welcomed the clerkship participants to the 14th Joint Clerkship meeting. Following introductions the program began.

  2. Drew Matz presented the Mulholland Clerkship ReportClick here to open presentation PDF.

  3. Lisa Rollins presented a Residents as Teachers Update focusing on LCME ED-24 Preparation of Residents for Teaching and Assessment of Students – Click here to open presentation PDF.

  4. Meg Keeley, Jill Clarke and Allison Innes presented an update on electives for the Class of 2014

    a.     Post-clerkship requirements for graduation
    b.    ALL 4th year electives going to electronic Add/Drop - no more paper 
           add/drop forms or email approvals
    c.     Complete OASIS elective evaluations within 2-weeks (LCME)
    d.    Importance of allocating faculty effort
    e.     Encourage individuals and departments to expand elective offerings

  5. Nancy McDaniel reviewed the changes in the Electronic Student Record (aka Electronic Passport) and the piloting of the iPhone app in Anesthesia to allow ease of attending physician sign off. All clerkships were asked to review their signoff needs so as not to over burden the students and faculty.

    Nancy also emphasized the need to complete the linking of learning objectives, resources and assessment; the importance of consistency in grading components across the clerkships and the need tor high quality individual distinctive student narrative evaluations by faculty.
  6. Luncheon Clerkship Meetings
  7. Keith Littlewood gave an overview of the day long Life Saving Techniques Workshop to be held on the first day of the six week block for Anesthesia and the two Surgical Secialties.     
  8.  Using EPIC in the Clerkships – Steve Borowitz - Click here to open presentation PDF.

  9. Anne Chapin reviewed and answered questions on the Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE)

  10. Don Innes presented Bart Nathan’s overview of the Liaison Committee on Medical Education accreditation preparation and visit; the key standards affecting the clerkships. Click here to open presentation PDF.

  11. Fairfax, Richmond, Salem Updates – Mehdi Kazemi [Salem - Click here to open presentation PDF] and Sage Claydon [Bon Secour] provided updates from their clerkship sites and Bill Wilson reported for Noel Mensah-Bonsu [Fairfax].

  12. A date for the next meeting was selected – Wednesday, October 23, 2013. Please check your calendars IMMEDIATELY and let Debra Reed know if you have a national meeting, etc. that might interfere.



[List] illustrat[ing] what most students are using to study for the Shelf exams vs. what is recommended by the Clerkship Directors. January 9, 2013

General: USMLE World QBank, First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 CK
Family Medicine: Pretest Family Medicine
Internal Medicine: Step Up to Medicine, Internal Medicine Essentials, Case Files Internal Medicine, MKSAP 4 (question bank) 
Neurology: Pretest Neurology
OB/Gyn: Blueprints Obstetrics and Gynecology, Case Files Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pretest Obstetrics and Gynecology
Pediatrics: Blueprints Pediatrics, Case Files Pediatrics, Pretest Pediatrics
Psychiatry: Pretest Psychiatry
Surgery: NMS Surgery Casebook, "Pestana Review of Surgery," Surgical Recall

This is not to say that certain professional textbooks and resources e.g. UpToDate, Nelson's Manual, Harrison's, and CURRENT are not used, but they are more commonly consulted as references for specific patient questions.  Of those, I would guess that the most common resource is UpToDate.