Joint Clerkship 10.23.13

Joint Clerkship 10.23.13

 Jordan Hall Conference Center Room 2ABC

Joint Clinical Medicine Meeting
(Fairfax Inova, Richmond Bon Secours, Salem VA, UVA,Western State)

Wednesday, October 10/23/13
UVA – Jordan Hall Conference Center Room 2ABC

Attending:  Megan Bray,  Elizabeth Arons, Komal Bajaj, Randy Canterbury,  Brenda Casinger, Alane Celli, Anne Chapin,  Huai Cheng,  Jill Clarke, Gary Collin, Stephen, Collins, Diana Edwards,  Kristen Funk, Peter Ham, Barbara Haskins, Evan Heald, Pamila  Herrington, Rebecca Hesley, Anne Hutchins, Allison Innes, Donald Innes, Mehdi Kazemi,  Meg Keeley, Nancy McDaniel, Eugene McGahren, Sylvie Moore, Yvonne Newberry, Joni Poore, Amar Sawh, Anneke  Schroen, Ashley M. Shilling,  Del Short, KarenMarie Smith, Guillermo  Solorzano, Alicia Spangler, Leslie Stewart, Amita Sudhir, Jessica Tawney, Gamper Thomas, Linda  Waggoner-Fountain, Karen  Ward, Aileen Watchko, James Wickham,  William Wilson, Brian Wispelwey

  1. Coffee and welcome

  2. Dr. Nancy Dunlap, Dean welcomed the Clerkship directors and coordinators. She thanked the group for the educational effort that they made for the students.

  3. Dr. Randy Canterbury discussed the future of USMLE testing and the changes that can be anticipated.  Please Click here to see a PDF of the presentation. In about 2 years the students will take a test combining Step 1 and Step 2 at the end of the clerkship period. Step 3 will be taken after the MD degree has been granted but will not require sponsorship by the state board nor will a GME program be required. Emphasis on practice of medicine, quality and safety and ambulatory practice will affect the curriculum of the SOM.

  4. Drs. Canterbury and Bart Nathan discussed the Liaison Committee on Medical Education.  Please Click here to see a PDF of the presentation.  The major points of interest for the clerkship directors and coordinators include: documentation of type of patients students must see, how the SOM/clerkship address gaps in that list, equivalence of clerkship across sites and residents as teachers and self-directed learning. Professional learning environment and duty hours for students were also discussed.  Directors will be interviewed during the Mock LCME site visit (June 1-4, 2014) and during the LCME visit (Oct. 5-8, 2014). Please mark your calendars for that time. As the schedule is refined you will be notified of the actual date and time.

  5. Dr. Meg Keeley discussed changes in the 4th year curriculum. For the class of 2015 and after: there will be no selectives. The students will do 2 two week surgical specialty services as a part of the 10 week surgical clerkship (with Peri-Operative Medicine makes up one of the 12 week blocks).  Geriatrics will be a 2 week P/F clerkship in the 4th year. They will be required to do a 4 week Advanced Clinical Elective.  Electives must have learning objectives to be listed on the website.  The importance of the Clerkship Director summative comments from the clerkship evaluations was discussed. The directors who take the time to make a clear picture of the student from the collective comments were complemented. A handout with suggested ways to improve the specificity of comments on the evaluations (written by Don Innes) was distributed.  Click here for handout pdf. 

  6. Dr. McDaniel introduced Dr. Linda Waggoner-Fountain who will be the CPD II Clerkship Director as of November 1, 2013.

  7. Dr. McDaniel discussed evaluation on the clerkship and the value of OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) to student evaluation. Please Click here to see a PDF of the presentation.

  8. Dr. Alison Innes discussed the changes which have occurred with the availability of the on-line NBME subject examinations. Paper subject examinations will continue to be available; although it is likely that by 2015 this format of the examination will be phased out. Examinations that have both a web and paper format are identical in content. Score reports are received within 2-3 business days following an on-line exam. The fee per examinee is the same for both paper and web-based subject exams. Family Medicine (under the leadership of Dr. Peter Ham and Leslie Stewart) is the first to pilot the on-line version.   Dr. John Densmore is the chief proctor for the testing – he is the designated person overseeing all NBME examination services.  It is noted that the number of approved computers will need to be increased to accommodate the number of students that take the examinations during the same short window of time (end of clerkship).  In about 2 years all of the subject exams will be on-line version only. Accommodation procedures were discussed.

  9. Best practices and clerkship specific issues discussed by the Directors over lunch.

    UVA Clerkship coordinators met with education coordinators from the Salem VA and shared student orientation practices and materials. They also discussed student issues that are common to all clerkships and the best way to manage them (i.e., timely submission of paperwork, evaluations).

  10. Dr. Innes discussed the Website for Residents as Teachers. 

    There was vigorous discussion about how to insure that all residents have received training in an environment where they can ask questions. The project was demonstrated and it’s many useful features were remarked on.

  11. Electronic version of the clerkship requirements was briefly discussed. This is on-going discussion. Faculty are encouraged to sign-off promptly and students are encouraged to ask for sign-off in a timely manner.

  12. Anne Chapin demonstrated an OSCE. Dr. Evan Heald interviewed a standardized patient with chest pain. The group filled out the checklist either real time or after the video was completed.  The value of the OSCE as well as the issue of standard setting was discussed.

  13. Reports were made by Drs. Arons (Bon Secours Pediatrics), Bajaj (Fairfax Pediatrics), Kazemi (Salem VA Medicine, Surgery, Psychiatry), and Haskins (Western State Psychiatry). 

  14. Business meeting:  Next meeting 2/19/14.


Nancy McDaniel