Minutes 01.05.12

Minutes 01.05.12

January 5, 2012

Attending: Drs. McDaniel, Sudhir, Cheng, Wispelwey, Herrington, Heald, Keeley, Ham, A. Innes, D. Innes,  Jackson, Mr. Zhao,  Ms. Chapin, Ms. White, Wilson


The meeting was called to order at 5:00 PM.   Dr. Nancy McDaniel was introduced. Dr. McDaniel is the new Director of the Clinical Performance Development program, including CPD-1 (in the preclinical years) and also CPD-2 and 3, which will involve the clerkships and electives/selectives, respectively.  Dr. McDaniel will also co-chair the Clinical Medicine Committee.


The committee was gain reminded of the upcoming “overlap period” in the clerkship year, which will begin Feb. 27, 2012 and last for 8 weeks.  The clerkships were encouraged to plan as much as possible in advance, including planning for orientation and for the administration of the “shelf exams”, since the number of students taking a given shelf exam will be increased for that time period. No additional “grace period” for submission of clerkship grades will be given during the overlap period, since the time frame under which we operate is actually based on LCME requirements.  Dr. Keeley mentioned that the current 3rd year students have been encouraged to “mentor” the rising 3rd year students during those rotations when there is overlap.


Drs. McDaniel and Keeley discussed the transition course schedule, which is tentatively scheduled for Feb. 13-Feb 24, 2012. This period will include some clinical skills workshops, EPIC training, student and residency panels, and other activities.  Due to space and time constraints, the exercise involving surgical scrubbing won’t be included for the entire class during the transition course.  There will probably be a workshop on sterile technique as part of the transition course. A tentative schedule for the transition course was distributed.


Passports and the “ED-2” lists were discussed. Mr. Jackson mentioned that there is the capability of creating and monitoring these lists through OASIS. There is an iTouch/iPad “app” that is undergoing beta testing that will allow for these to be entered and signed electronically, without relying on the physical paper passports that have been used prior to this time.  At present, the content of the passports and required patient/activity lists will not change, but it is likely that there will be changes and consolidation of these two lists as part of CPD-2.


Dr. McDaniel reviewed the Clinical Performance Development (CPD) activity and how it will be expanded to include the clerkships and electives/selectives. She will be meeting with the clerkship coordinators/administrators, and is planning to meet with each clerkship director soon.


Dr. Wilson mentioned the “dress code” for medical students, which is outlined in the Student Toolbox, and encouraged the clerkship directors to make sure to review this with students at each orientation session.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:59  PM.  It is probable that there will be another meeting before the start of the next clerkship year. 


Respectfully submitted,

William G. Wilson, MD

Chair, Clinical Medicine Committee