Minutes 11/16/05

Minutes 11/16/05

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Clinical Medicine Committee

Members present (underlined): Rein, Michael F; Herrington, Pam ; Adams, Reid B; Newburg, Doug; McGahren, Gene; Heald, Evan; Newberry, YvonneBray, Megan; Maughan, Karen L; Mounsey, Anne; Short, Jerry; Innes, Donald J; Innes, Allison H; Chapin, Anne E; Lieb, Darci G; Jackson, John M; Keeley, Meg M. ;Geldmacher, David ; Towery, Jacob; Wilson, William;,

  1. The meeting was called to order at 5 PM. in the Surgery Library.

  2. Proposed modifications to the "on-line" student evaluation form were discussed.  A suggestion had been made to modify "item 16" to include "in a professional manner", in order to better reflect "professionalism" in that item. That change was approved. Additional changes proposed were to modify questions 12 and 13 and to add an additional question. These questions address issues of bias, harassment, and discrimination, and the new question will address unprofessional behavior. A problem with the questions on the existing form is that the answer choices may lead to "mis-keying". After some discussion, it was decided to modify and re-key the responses to questions 12 and 13 to reduce ambiguity in the responses, and to add a question about unprofessional behavior. The responses will also be changed to help distinguish issues of discrimination, etc. that happened directly to a student from those that were observed by the student; both types of responses will be included.

  3. The requirement for timely submission of clerkship grades was reviewed and discussed. This is an LCME requirement.

  4. Don Innes reviewed some information from the recent AAMC meeting that is relevant to the clerkships and electives, particularly in light of the upcoming LCME visit.  About half of schools that have been "site-visited" recently have been cited for problems related to the ED-2 requirement. Other standards that have been problems elsewhere have included ED-30 (formative feedback), ED-33, and ER-4.  "Feedback" is included as an item on the existing passports, and the feedback should be given and the passport signed. Clerkship directors should emphasize to the faculty that giving feedback and documenting this is important.

  5. The issue of student notes in medical charts was again discussed. This had been discussed at several previous meetings. It was decided that the clerkships should be encouraged to allow students to write in charts as part of their participation in care, but that the requirement of cosigning and the issue of shadow charts should be left to the individual clerkships and departments. The expectation is that a faculty member would review the student note in a chart of his/her patient and make corrections or amendments as needed. It was emphasized that this is an important part of the education of medical students.

  6. Information from the most recent AAMC graduation questionnaire and from the LCME student report was distributed to the committee for review and possible discussion at a future meeting.

  7. The meeting was adjourned at 6 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
William G. Wilson, MD
Chair, Clinical Medicine Committee