Minutes 10/21/09

Minutes 10/21/09

Joint Clinical Medicine Meeting Minutes
(Charlottesville,  Fairfax, Roanoke, and Salem)
Salem Veterans Administration Hospital
Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Attending: Allen Blackwood, Brad Bradenham, Megan Bray, Anne Chapin, David Coles, Gary Collins, Eugene Corbett, Alicia Freedy, David Geldmacher, Mark Greenawald, Peter Ham, Robin Hofford, Pamila Herrington, Donald Innes, Allison Innes, Sandi Lunetta, Mehdi Kazemi, Meg Keeley, Bajaj Komal, Amy Kryder, Tananchai Lucktong, Maureen McCarthy, Eugene D. McGahren, Veronica Michaelsen, Amanda Murchison, Enrique Perez, Andrew Pfeffer, William Rea, Leslie Stewart, Albert Weed, William Wilson           


Following coffee and bagels the 9th Joint Clerkship meeting was introduced and the participants welcomed by Drs. Maureen McCarthy and Mehdi Kazemi. Dr. McCarthy provided a brief overview of the history of the Salem Veterans Administration Hospital, the first in the Nation, which celebrated its 75th anniversary October 19, 2009.

Anne Chapin then provided a fine review of the Clinical Practice Examination (CPX) content and a report of the most recent student performances. This exam tests students on their clinical skills and is noted by students to be extremely helpful as preparation for USMLE - Step 2 CS (Clinical Skills). A valuable discussion of clinical skills testing and the realities of the physical exam as practiced ensued. Clinicians need to make clear to students why "shortcuts" are taken and in what context. Students need to appreciate the difference between routine practice and testing situations in which process and individual interview & physical examination components are measured and recorded.

Don Innes followed with a review of recent USMLE -Step 2 Clinical Knowledge (CK) and Step 2 CS (Clinical Skills) results. Powerpoint Presentation

Drs. Meg Keeley and Allison Innes updated the clerkship directors on the electives and selectives that might impact their areas. Allison presented the final schedule for the 2010 - 2011 Clerkship Year (Class of 2012).


Veronica Michaelsen provided an engaging presentation on learning objectives as applied to the clerkships. Improving learning objectives in the clerkships was discussed during the breakout luncheon meetings.

Learning Objective Handout
Learning Objective Powerpoint

Alicia Freedy provided a concise review of the Fairfax Pediatric clerkship experience.

Don Innes reviewed the Next Generation Curriculum. See attachment.

Andrew Pfeffer and Brad Bradenham presented preliminary work from the Student Medical Education Committee from the Clerkship Grading Survey. The full results will be released in the Spring 2010 Mulholland Clinical Clerkship Report. The focus was on the grading schematics for the clerkships. Generally the systems were rated as good. A key point seemed to be that students wished that the shelf exams should comprise between 20-40% of the grade and should be uniform across the clerkships.  Other preliminary data concerned clinical evaluations, verbal feedback, and the ability to choose evaluators.

Dr. Hal Cragun, Associate Chair of Medicine at Carilion Clinic captured everyone's attention when he spoke on the use of the EPIC electronic medical record in UME and GME at Carilion. This was followed by a demonstration of the amazing VA electronic medical record by Dr. Gary Collin.

The meeting attendees wish to convey their heart felt thoughts and hopes for Dr. Dan Harrington and his family.

The next meeting will be at the University of Virginia on Wednesday, April 21, 2010.

Dr. Mehdi Kazemi concluded the meeting.