Minutes 10/07/04

Minutes 10/07/04

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Clinical Medicine Committee

Members present (underlined): Rein, Michael F; Herrington, Pam ; Adams, Reid B; Newburg, Doug; McGahren, Gene; Corbett, Eugene; Wenger, Jennifer; Maughan, Karen L; Mounsey, Anne; Short, Jerry; Innes, Donald J; Innes, Allison H; Chapin, Anne E; Lieb, Darci G; Jackson, John M; Keeley, Meg M. ; Shenker, Joel; Wilson, William; McIntosh, Paul

  1. The meeting was called to order at 5 PM. in the Peds-Pathology conference room.

  2. The upcoming meeting with the Roanoke clerkship site directors was reviewed. All of the clerkships will be represented at the meeting.  It was emphasized that each clerkship director should communicate with their colleagues at other sites on a regular basis, and that there should be some documentation of the meeting.

  3. The new LCME standards were again mentioned, in light of the upcoming internal review in anticipation of our next formal LCME visit. The standard relative to “work hours” for students on the clerkships was mentioned, and each clerkship was asked to prepare a brief paragraph outlining the policy of that clerkship regarding weekly work hours and consecutive work hours. In general, student work hours  should not exceed those now delineated for the residents. The standard regarding specific diagnoses that each student should see was also mentioned. Clerkships should begin thinking about how best to adapt this to their clerkships.

  4. John Jackson presented a “consensus” faculty evaluation form for possible use as a “web-based” instrument. He distributed a summary of the existing forms in use by each clerkship, as well as a “consensus” form. There was some discussion about the forms and how they would be used. Mr. Jackson will distribute the forms by email and will solicit input from the clerkship directors regarding possible changes. The use of a “5-point” scale vs. a “9-point” scale was also discussed.  The importance of encouraging narrative comments was also emphasized, since such comments are helpful in Departmental evaluations of faculty.

  5. The meeting was adjourned at 5:55 PM .

Respectfully submitted,
William G. Wilson, MD
Chair, Clinical Medicine Committee