Minutes 09/03/03

Minutes 09/03/03

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Clinical Medicine Committee

Eugene C. Corbett; Evan Heald; Jennifer B. Wenger; Pamila G. Herrington; Vern Juel; Karen Maughan; Anne Mounsey; Michael F Rein; William G. Wilson; Donald J. Innes; Clive Bradbeer; Meg Keeley; Anne E Chapin; Gary K. Owens; Susan Squillace;  Curtis G. Tribble; Reid B. Adams; Allison H. Innes; Jerry Short; Summer R. Herlihy; Paul M. McIntosh; Sarah E. Dunham;  Darci Lieb; Thomas Massaro; DH Kedes;  John Jackson; Lou Burruss

The meeting was called to order at 4 PM. The main topic of the meeting was a presentation by Mr. Lou Burruss and Mr. John Jackson of a web-based evaluation form for evaluating residents on the clinical services, and for residents to evaluate faculty. This approach might be adaptable to use by the Clerkships. Mr. Jackson and Mr Burruss reviewed some of the history of the web-based evaluation in the School of Medicine and Health System, as well as the rationale behind such an approach. A web-based system is efficient and cost-saving, since evaluations can quickly be entered, and the data accessed and analyzed. Collection can be more efficient since the system can be designed to provide reminders to both faculty and residents/students. The screens may be customizable, and clerkships will have the capability to enter faculty or resident names for a given student.  A web-based system for use by the residency programs is in place for several departments, but a broader application is under development. It is hoped that the program may be ready to be piloted in the spring by the clerkships, with possible wide implementation by next summer.  An Ad Hoc subcommittee of the Clinical Medicine Committee will be formed to provide suggestions and feedback in the development of these applications for the clerkships and possibly for electives.

The need for more depth and detail in the “narrative paragraphs” which are submitted on the student final grade form by each clerkship was emphasized. These paragraphs are supposed to be used “verbatim” in the Dean’s Letter, but the final grading forms for some students do not have adequate information so that they can be used in this manner. If the clerkship directors are not receiving appropriate narrative information from their faculty or external sites, they should work with those individuals and sites to try to improve this process.

The possibility of a modification of the grading system for clerkships to some form of “pass-fail” was briefly discussed. This year’s entering medical school class will have a “pass-fail” system for the pre-clinical years. The grading histogram for this past year was distributed, illustrating that over 50% of our 3rd year students receive some form of an “A” on the clerkships; on some clerkships, 70-80% of students receive a grade in the  “A” range. Citations for literature references that were identified by Dr. Bob Bloodgood during the modification of the grading system for the preclinical years will be distributed.

The process of curriculum reform and revision was briefly mentioned. As part of this process, it will be helpful for each required course or clerkship to identify, in broad terms, what students need to learn or experience on that clerkship. This might even include an estimate of patient numbers. A request to compile that information will be sent to the clerkship directors.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

William G. Wilson, MD