Minutes 08/11/05

Minutes 08/11/05

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Clinical Medicine Committee

Attending (underlined): Michael Rein, Pam Herrington, Curt Tribble, Jennifer Wenger, Karen Maughan, Jerry Short, Don Innes, Evan Heald, Anne Mounsey,  David Geldmacher, Allison Innes, Anne Chapin,  John Jackson, Jacob Towery, Doug Newburg, Nancy Payne, William Wilson

The meeting was called to order at 5 PM in the Surgery Library.

  1. Status of clerkship “ED-2” implementation.  The members present discussed the status of the new  “ED-2” requirements that have been initiated this year. It was felt that this was progressing well.  The issue of how to remediate a student who had not fulfilled the requirement during the clerkship was discussed. The option of withholding the final clerkship grade until all clerkship requirements had been met, including ED-2 and the passports, was mentioned. The other option of using some post-clerkship elective time for students to fulfill this requirement was mentioned.

  2. Adjustment of shelf-exam scores.  Since the medicine clerkship is now effectively 8 weeks in length, the issue of how to adjust scores on the “shelf exam” was raised. It was felt that a comparison of the current cohort with the historical data that has been assembled might allow for a determination as to whether any adjustment in weighting might be necessary.

  3. Web-based evaluations. The newly-adopted web-based evaluations were discussed. In general, this was going smoothly, other than several software problems that had been encountered and fixed. We have not yet received evaluations by students of the clerkship or faculty. The ability of off-site directors to access the system was discussed. It was felt that these sites could either use the web-based form, or could use a paper version of the form, which could then be keyed in by the UVA clerkship director or assistant.

  4. Dr. Nancy Payne made a presentation regarding a “professionalism” project. Dr. Payne would like for the clerkships to incorporate 3 open-ended questions into their end-of-clerkship evaluation forms. The concern that adding too many questions to that evaluation might have the effect of diluting the responses. It was decided that each clerkship could decide if they wanted to add these questions. (A later option, that of using a paper form with only these questions, was subsequently mentioned. This approach would give Dr. Payne the information she needed, but not in a way that might detract from the overall clerkship evaluation.

  5. The topic of teaching cultural competence was discussed. It was felt that this was more appropriately “modeled” than taught. One idea proposed was to discuss this topic during the transition course.

  6. Dr. Allison Innes reminded the group that grades were due, mentioning the OB/GYN and Surgery clerkships as being late in submitting grades. The 4th quarter grades need to be submitted in a timely fashion so that the transcripts can be completed for residency application purposes.

  7. The meeting was adjourned at 6:00 PM .


Respectfully submitted,
William G. Wilson, MD
Chair, Clinical Medicine Committee