Minutes 06/24/99

Minutes 06/24/99

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Clinical Medicine Committee

Present: Drs. Robert Adams, Barritt, Boggess, Bourgeois, Dallas, Foster, Allison Innes, Donald Innes, Juel, Rein, Smith ,Wayne Wilson, William Wilson, Ziai, Ms. Patwardhan, Ms. Rein, Mr. Simmons

  1. The meeting was called to order at 4 PM by Dr. William Wilson. Dr. Wilson introduced himself to the group, followed by introductions of those present.

  2. Dr. Wilson reviewed the recently completed CPX. The data are now being analyzed, and Dr. Doyle will send each student a report summarizing his/her performance; this report will also be sent to that student's advisor. An aggregate summary will be sent to each clerkship director.

  3. One student, not named, did not participate in the CPX examination. This was apparently a "volitional" decision on the part of the student. Several committee members were concerned that this was not professional behavior on the part of the student. Since taking the CPX is now required to complete the clerkship year, this student has not satisfactorily completed the year. It was moved, seconded, and unanimously approved that this matter be referred to the Promotions Committee for action. It is the recommendation of the Clerkship Committee that this student be referred for evaluation and counseling, and that the student not be allowed to continue with the elective year until remediation has been accomplished. It is recommended that remediation be satisfactory performance on an observed history and physical examination, with a single faculty observer, to be arranged by the Director of the Medicine Clerkship. A letter will be sent to Dr. Pearson outlining these concerns and recommendations.

  4. Dr. Allison Innes gave a summary of problems encountered by the Office of Student Affairs with delays in receiving final clerkship grades. These grades are ultimately sent to the University Registrar, and the School of Medicine has actually received a waiver for receipt of grades (which usually are sent later than the University deadline). Dr. Innes reported that clerkship grades are frequently delayed beyond that grace period. There was some discussion as to the origins of the delay, and it was pointed out that some sites of some clerkships are quite prompt in sending grades to the various clerkship directors. Dr. Wilson will write to each clerkship director at UVA, encouraging them to review these issues as they relate to specific clerkships, and to try to expedite the delivery of final clerkship grades to the Office of Student Affairs.

  5. Dr. Donald Innes, Associate Dean for Curriculum, spoke to the group about the curriculum reform process that is in its early stages. Input from the Clerkship Committee and from individual faculty members will be solicited as part of this process.

  6. Dr. Rein raised an important question about clerkship grading, specifically about the grading systems used for the clinical portions of the clerkships. There was some discussion about the merits of various approaches, and this issue will be addressed again at a future meeting.

  7. The meeting was adjourned at 5:10 PM.  The next meeting of the Clerkship Committee will be on Thursday, September 16, at 4 PM in Classroom #2 of the Learning Center on Davis 5.  Please contact Dr. Wilson if you have agenda items to be discussed.

  8. Not discussed at the meeting, but of importance to some clerkships, is an impending change in the way in which scores on the NBME "shelf" subject exams will be reported. A new scoring scale will be implemented, and clerkships using the shelf exam will need to revise the way in which these scores are factored into the final clerkship grade.

Respectfully submitted,

William G. Wilson, MD
Chair, Clerkship Committee