Minutes 06/19/07

Minutes 06/19/07

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Clinical Medicine Committee

Members present (underlined): Rein, Michael F; Herrington, Pam ; Geldmacher, David;  McGahren, Gene; Sanfey, Hilary; Bray, Megan; Ham, Peter; Mounsey, Anne; Short, Jerry; Innes, Donald J; Innes, Allison H; Chapin, Anne E; Lieb, Darci G; Jackson, John M; Keeley, Meg M.  Deardeuff, Michael, Guests: Michaelsen, Veronica;; Hauck, Fern, Perina, Debra

  1. The meeting was called to order at 5:05  PM. in the Pediatrics Conference Room.

  2. Dr. Don Innes presented recommendations from the Curriculum Committee regarding updating of the websites for each clerkship, and distributed information about what should be included in these websites. Additional information will be distributed by email to the clerkship directors, with a goal of having the websites updated by September 3, 2007.

  3. Dr. Veronica Michaelsen introduced the Clerkship  Directors'  Survey, which is being conducted by the Working Group on Clinical Skills Education. This is a web-based survey that will serve as a "needs assessment" in that group's efforts to identify existing clinical skills activities and opportunities/needs for additional clinical skills training in the overall SOM curriculum.

  4. Dr. Debra Perina presented an update of the plans for the upcoming Basic Sciences for Careers course that is scheduled to be piloted this fall (2007) and will start for all students in March 2008. Dr. Perina is working with a group of students and faculty to develop topics for general sessions (for the entire class) and subspecialty sessions and applied sessions. Attendance at all general sessions will be required, and students will be expected to attend at least 10 of an estimated 20 specialty sessions and 7 applied sessions. Rooms for use by this course have been secured. Dr. Perina was commended for her work thus far, and the Clinical Medicine Committee would be glad to be of assistance.

  5. Dr. Fern Hauck discussed the "Cultural Competency" initiative, and distributed the AAMC "Tool for Assessing Cultural Competence Training". This survey will be helpful in identifying current activities in the SOM related to the teaching, modeling, and assessment of cultural competency, and will identify areas where additional emphasis might be needed.  This area is one of the LCME standards (ED-22), and was cited as an area in need of improvement in the recent LCME site visit. In particular, assessment and measurement of cultural competency were mentioned. There was discussion about the difficulties in measuring and assessing cultural competency. Several ideas mentioned were to use reflective writing and discussion, where students were asked to write a paragraph or page about an issue related to cultural issues that they encountered in the previous week, and then have a discussion leader choose one for group discussion. Another possibility would be to modify the evaluation form to include "cultural competency" as one of the descriptors. It was mentioned that the current form used to evaluate students is already long, so that new items should be modifications and not simply additions.  Dr. Hauck asked that the clerkship directors return the surveys by July 15.

  6. John Jackson discussed an issue related to the release of evaluations by students of clerkships and faculty. Under the OASIS system, the 8-week clerkships are entered as if they were each 2-4 week clerkships. There is concern that faculty or clerkship directors might have access to evaluations by students before grades have been calculated and submitted. This is apparently not an issue for the 4 week clerkships. John suggested that the 8 week clerkships enter course grades (identical) for a given student on each of the 4 week blocks. This would mean that the evaluations of faculty and clerkships would not be released until grades had been submitted, thus removing the concern that students might be jeopardized by premature disclosure of their evaluations of the faculty, residents, and courses.

  7. The meeting adjourned at 6: 05 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
William G. Wilson, MD
Chair, Clinical Medicine Committee