Minutes 06/15/06

Minutes 06/15/06

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Clinical Medicine Committee

Members present (underlined): Rein, Michael F; Herrington, Pam ; Harrison, Madeline (for Geldmacher, David);  Newberry, Yvonne (for Bray, Megan); Gazewood, John (for Maughan), Karen L; Mounsey, Anne; Short, Jerry; Innes, Donald J; Innes, Allison H; Chapin, Anne E; Lieb, Darci G; Jackson, John M; Keeley, Meg M.; Wilson, William; Pearson, Richard; McGahren, Eugene; Heald, Evan

  1. The meeting was called to order at 5 PM. in the Department of Surgery Library.

  2. Dean Pearson reminded the group that the new clerkship year will start on Monday, June 26. He also mentioned several of the LCME standards that are particularly relevant to the clerkships, including ED2 and ED 18. He expressed concern that the "selectives" need to be  developed and proposed so that students can begin planning for their elective/selective year, which will begin May 2007 for the upcoming 3rd year class.  There had been discussion regarding electives in Roanoke, but housing there may be a limiting factor. He also mentioned the LCME standard MS27A, which addresses situations in which a student may be working with someone with whom that student has a therapeutic relationship.  If an individual does have a therapeutic relationship with a student, then that individual should not be involved in evaluating or grading that student.

    He also mentioned that Anne Chapin will summarize results of the most recent administration of the CPX and make those available to the clerkships. All students "passed" the CPX this year, but there were some areas that may need to be reinforced to our students.

  3. Don Innes discussed the upcoming LCME visit, particularly ED33 and ED37, which deal with integrated curricula and monitoring of curricular content. The Curriculum Committee has proposed an annual questionnaire for each course and clerkship to complete. These will be reviewed by the Clinical Medicine Committee, and there will be a more comprehensive review every 3 years. He also discussed ED24, which states that residents should be familiar with the educational objectives of the clerkships and be prepared for their roles. It was suggested that residents receive a written copy of the clerkship objectives relevant to their particular service, as well as guidance. The institution is exploring ways to provide resources for resident education. Dr. Sanfey gives a talk to the incoming residents as part of their orientation, and several departments have specific sessions for their housestaff. It was suggested that each department that has a clerkship have a program to help develop their residents as educators.

  4. Dr. Gazewood mentioned the website that has been developed by the Department of Family Medicine that is used for faculty development for their preceptors, most of whom practice some distance from Charlottesville. This website was demonstrated during the meeting, and most of it is relevant to all of the clerkships and could be used as part of a program to develop residents as teachers. This site has already been adopted by at least one other medical school. The URL for this site is http://www.med-ed.virginia.edu/courses/fm/precept/ . This will be distributed electronically to the clerkship directors.

  5. Don Innes also mentioned the importance of timeliness of submission of final clerkship grades, as well as the passports and formative feedback to the students regularly during the course of the clerkships.

  6. There will be a lottery for the selectives.

  7. The OASIS system for electives will be implemented soon.  

  8. The meeting was adjourned at 5:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
William G. Wilson, MD
Chair, Clinical Medicine Committee