Minutes 04/28/08

Minutes 04/28/08

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Clinical Medicine Committee

Attending: Drs. Rein, A. Innes, D. Innes,  Short, Keeley, Jackson, Geldmacher, Chapin, Ham, Bray, Wilson,

The meeting was called to order at 5 PM in the Pediatrics Conference Room.  

  1. The clerkship directors and John Jackson and his staff were commended for getting the clerkship websites updated for the new clerkship year, as well as getting the passports updated. There was discussion about putting the passports for each clerkship on the individual clerkship websites, possibly as a "PDF" file.

  2. The existing student promotions policy was discussed. The basic science course directors and the clerkship directors have been asked to review the current policy and suggest possible changes. The requirement for taking USMLE Step 2 CS (but no requirement for passing that exam) was discussed. The basis for that original recommendation was related to scheduling issues which might preclude a student who was unsuccessful from retaking the CS exam in time to graduate. The members of the committee were asked to review the current policy and to contact Dr. Wilson with their suggestions.

  3. The issue of possibly expanding class size was discussed. One possibility is that, with the opening of the new medical education building, there may be an increase of 6 students per year over 3 years. It was mentioned that there is now crowding on some clerkships during some periods due to the asymmetric return of MSTP students to the clerkship year. There was also discussion of the recently announced partnership with Culpeper, and whether this might provide potential clinical rotation sites.

  4. The importance of resident physicians in the educational process for our medical students was discussed. Several of the hospital sites that are being mentioned for potential future clerkship use have no resident physicians, and there is concern about the resident physicians at some other sites. Dr. Rein mentioned a review of career choices of students who have their medicine inpatient rotation at the University Hospital versus other sites. Of those students who have their medicine rotation in Charlottesville, 26% chose medicine residencies, while 6% of those students who had their medicine inpatient experience elsewhere chose medicine residencies. It was suggested that part of this difference might be explained by self-selection on the part of the students (those students interested in a career in medicine might select a placement in Charlottesville), but it was mentioned that exposure to resident physicians is a significant determinant in career choice.

  5. The issue of "pay for teaching" was discussed. Several algorithms are being considered to ensure that faculty members involved in teaching are appropriately compensated for their teaching time, effort, and quality. Dr. Rein mentioned a survey that was conducted about 10 years ago that tried to quantify clinical teaching efforts by faculty members. The advantages and disadvantages of a "central" system versus a departmentally-based system were discussed.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:55 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
William G. Wilson, MD
Chair, Clinical Medicine Committee