Minutes 04/26/04

Minutes 04/26/04

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Clinical Medicine Committee

Members Present (underlined): Eugene Corbett; Evan Heald; Jennifer B. Wenger; Pamila G. Herrington; Vern Juel; Karen Maughan; Anne Mounsey; Michael F. Rein; William G. Wilson; Don Innes; Meg Keeley; Anne Chapin; Gary Owens; Susan Squillace; Curt Tribble; Reid Adams; Allison Innes; Jerry Short; John Jackson; Guests: Elizabeth Bradley, Nancy Payne

The meeting was called to order at 5 PM. The first item for discussion was the clinical skills passports, and whether a notation of "professionalism" could be added to the passports. It was observed that the passports work well for documentation of specific skills which can be demonstrated a number of times during a rotation, but that specific activities that might demonstrate "professionalism" might be more difficult to fit into that format. It was noted that one of the items on the 16-item medical student evaluation form relates to professionalism/ humanism. It was also felt that students should be given immediate feedback if incidents occur that are not appropriate or are at variance with the notion of "professionalism". There was discussion about whether a specific format is needed to address incidents that occur. Dr. Allison Innes will try to obtain some information on how this is addressed by other medical schools.

Grading on the clerkships was discussed next. The Office of Student Affairs is interested in having some idea of how students "rank" relative to one another on the clerkships. Even though the first year is now "pass-fail", a numerical notation is provided. The issue of using the NBME "subject" exams was also discussed. The Curriculum Committee has recommended that  all clerkships administer the subject exam, beginning in July. Several clerkships are using it currently. It was pointed out that using the subject exam does not preclude using an in-house exam, oral exam, etc. as well, and the recommendation to use the subject exam did not stipulate how the result would be used in student grading by each clerkship. Pediatrics is planning to re-institute the subject exam, but is also planning to use a modified in-house multiple choice and essay exam.  There are specific guidelines from the NBME for "proctoring" the subject exams, and there will be proctor training in June.

Dr. Corbett, Dr. Nancy Payne, and Dr. Elizabeth Bradley next presented their proposal for clinical skills development. Their goals are to expand the clinical skills teaching workshops, enhance the assessment process, and to develop a skills website for use by faculty. This proposal had previously been presented to the Curriculum Committee. The Clinical Skills Education Project group has recommended that all students be tested two times during the clerkship year on some of the clinical skills that are being taught.  It was felt that this activity might be helpful in preparing our students for the USMLE clinical skills exam, as well as providing a mechanism for formative feedback about skills development for the students. The group will try to get additional information about the logistics of performing the assessments.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:05 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
William G. Wilson, MD
Chair, Clinical Medicine Committee