Minutes 04/12/06

Minutes 04/12/06

Joint Clinical Medicine Meeting
(Charlottesville,  Fairfax, Roanoke, and Salem)
Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Location:  UVA - MR5, 3rd Floor Conference Room

Garson/Innes      Dean Garson gave a warm welcome to the clerkship directors and stressed the importance of their work in educating our students in direct patient care. Meg Keeley and Allison Innes provided an update on the status of the Core Clerkships, Selectives, & Electives  for 2006-2007 as the second of a two year transition for the Neurology clerkship and the beginning of the Core Clerkship. They also outlined the 2007-2008 year and notified all of the October 1st deadline for submitting two-week selectives. Don Innes focused on clerkship responsibilities for objectives and evaluations which was continued through the luncheon discussion by the 7 separate clerkships. Following lunch Dearing Johns and Jerry  Short conducted a  Student Advocacy Workshop to familiarize the clerkship directors with the work of the Student Advocacy Committee. Then, after brief updates on the Salem and Roanoke programs by Maureen McCarthy and Dan Harrington, Richard Butler of the Roanoke Carilion Hospital gave a thought provoking talk on "Understanding Resistance to Change: Application of Motivational Interviewing to Organizational Leadership." A brief business meeting followed. The next meeting will be October 25th at the Salem Veterans Administration Hospital.  

OBGYN Clerkship meeting




 The following notices/resources are provided for Clerkship Directors.

  1.  Mark your calendars for an October 25th 2006 Joint Clerkship Meeting at the Salem Veterans Administration Hospital.

  2. As follow-up to the April 13, 2006 Joint Clerkship meeting I am forwarding information regarding the Stanford tutorials on Evaluation and Cultural Competency. The Stanford University School of Medicine Clerkship Evaluation Tutorial is located at:  http://med.stanford.edu/clerkship_eval/
    You will find tutorials for both individual evaluators and clerkship directors. After viewing them you may wish to send the individual evaluator tutorial website to your teaching faculty and residents (alll those who evaluate students).

    Joint clerkship meeting photograph
  3. NetLearning at /e-learning/ has a program entitled "Cultural Diversity in Health Care" and it is required of all medical students.
    In addition you may find the Virginia Department of Health website for cultural competence a valuable resource. It is titled CLAS Act: Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Health Care Services for Virginians and is located at:   http://www.vdh.virginia.gov/ohpp/clasact.asp

    General Resources:
    Culturally Appropriate Health Care
    Multicultural Health and Human Service Programs in Virginia
    Policy, Regulations, and Laws

    Language Resources:
    Linguistically Appropriate Health Care
    Health Care Related Language Service Programs in Virginia (coming soon!)
    Translated Documents, Forms and Health Education Materials (coming soon!)
    Policy, Regulations, and Laws

    Research Resources:
    Assessment Tools
    Data Collection: Racial, Ethnic, and Primary Language
    Virginia Studies and Reports

  4. The Medical Student Advocacy Committee can be accessed at:          /ome/advoc/
            The Newsweek Article "My Black Skin Makes My White Coat Vanish" is at  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/12011019/site/newsweek/from/ET/ 
    The workshop survey "Difficult Situations" is available for use with your staff (faculty, residents, nurses, other teaching staff)  by contacting the Student Advocacy Committee.