Minutes 03/18/99

Minutes 03/18/99

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Clinical Medicine Committee

Present: Drs. Adams, Barritt, Boggess, Corbett, Innes , Juel, Maugham, Rein, Wilson,  Mr. Yarowsky, Ms. Doyle, Ms. Rein

  1. The meeting was called to order at 4 PM by Dr. Wilson. Dr. Wilson introduced himself to the group, followed by introductions of those present.

  2. Dr. Innes reviewed the results of the NRMP "match" for UVA students. Of 123 students participating in the match, 63% matched at their top choice, while 81% matched in one of their top 3 choices. Only 2 students did not "match", and both subsequently found positions, If OB/GYN is included as a primary care specialty, 65% of the seniors matched in a primary care department. Without OB/GYN as a primary care field, 61% matched in primary care. Twenty-five students will remain at UVA for their residency training.

  3. The "electronic" application system for residency matching was mentioned. It was used by Medicine this year. More programs will be using this method in the upcoming year, and that will push the time at which letters of recommendation, etc. need to be completed to an earlier date (September 1).

  4. Dr. Wilson reviewed the portions of the summary of the LCME report that pertained to the Clerkships. There may be an increased need for "structured" assessments of clinical skills in the future.

  5. Dr. Rein updated the Committee on the status of the changes in the way in which the School of Medicine reforms the curriculum. These changes are, in part, in response to comments related to the recently completed LCME accreditation visit to the School of Medicine. Although the School was accredited for the maximum time period (7 years), there were comments regarding the need for a more efficient mechanism for curricular reform. It is possible that the existing Council on Medical Education may be changed. The final decision regarding these issues is pending.

  6. Dr. Maugham updated the Committee on the ambulatory experiences which are a part of PCAM (now Family Medicine). There is an increased need for ambulatory sites for these experiences. Dr. Corbett also described the plans for the new Ambulatory Internal Medicine experience, which will be a part of the Medicine Clerkship. This will be similar to the Family Medicine experience, and some of the curriculum content will be coordinated between these two activities. Students will be scheduled at Northridge as part of the AIM portion of the Medicine clerkship.

  7. The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 PM.

The next meeting of the Clerkship Committee will be on Thursday, June 24, 1999 at 4 PM in Room 1 of the Davis 5 Learning Center.

Respectfully submitted,

William G. Wilson, MD
Chair, Clerkship Committee