Minutes 01/25/01

Minutes 01/25/01

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Clinical Medicine Committee

In attendance were (underlined) Donald Innes; Reid Adams, Michael Rein, Karen Maughan, Lisa Doyle, Pamila Herrington, William Herbert; Vern Juel; William Wilson, Jerry Short, Margaret Mohrmann, Gary Owens, Allison Innes, William Petri, Richard Pearson., Susan Squillace, Joshua Simmons,
  1. The Clinical Medicine Committee met at 4PM on Thursday, January 25, 2001, in the Peds-Pathology Conference Room.

  2. Following introductions, Dr. Adams updated the committee on the progress and status of the Clinical Connections program. There have been 2 sessions thus far, with 2 more scheduled (February and April). These have been well-received and well-attended. The evaluation forms from those in attendance have been largely positive, with some constructive criticisms offered. The length of the day has been mentioned by some students as a problem, and this is being addressed. The February session will focus on neurologic injury, while the April session will be centered around infertility. Eight sessions are planned for the upcoming clerkship year. There was some discussion about the impact of being away from the various clerkships for this amount of time. Relative to the length of the clerkship, the "day away" has more of an impact on the shorter clerkships. An additional concern was the need to drive back to Charlottesville for these sessions if a student were assigned to an away rotation at some distance from Charlottesville. After some discussion, it was decided that students should be excused from clerkship duties by 6PM on the day before the Clinical Connections session, and that students on either the "AIM" (ambulatory internal medicine) or Family Medicine rotations would not be required to attend sessions that fall during those months. The exception would be those sessions during which the Office of Student Affairs will present material important to the class, such as the discussion of the electives program and of the NIRMP/ERAS program. All students are expected to attend those sessions. Dr. Adams mentioned the involvement of Drs. Margaret Mohrmann and Marcia Day-Childress in helping to organize the lunchtime discussions. He also welcomed suggestions from the committee and the faculty regarding possible topics and individuals to help organize those specific topics.

  3. The drafts of all of the clinical skills passports were distributed and discussed. These will ideally be "field tested" during the 4th clerkship quarter of this academic year on each clerkship, and will be fully implemented with the beginning of the next clerkship year (July 2, 2001). It was mentioned that these passports may have the additional beneficial effect of improving the evaluation of students by faculty, resulting in more objective assessment and grading and more specific (and perhaps better) letters of recommendation for those students. The importance of having faculty members serve as the preceptors/evaluators for these clinical skills was emphasized, although residents may be involved in some of the discussion topics (as is currently being done on Neurology).

  4. The status of the pilot program to offer electives in the 4th year was reviewed. At this time, it has been agreed that some students will be permitted to postpone either a month of Internal Medicine (probably the subspecialty month) or of Pediatrics (probably the newborn nursery/clinic month) to the 1st quarter of the 4th year of medical school in order to take an elective during the spring semester of their third year. The specific electives available have not yet been delineated, and this is being assessed by the Electives Committee. It is anticipated that some of the electives will include Dermatology, Radiology, and Emergency Medicine. It will also be possible for some students to take their month-long Neurology clerkship during the 3rd year as part of this program. There was some discussion regarding the "capacity" of some electives to accommodate more students. It was mentioned that many 4th year students have completed their electives by the spring semester, certainly by the 4th quarter, and these electives may be available to 3rd year students. The "pilot" nature of this program was emphasized, and it will need to be revisited in the future.

  5. The meeting was adjourned at 5PM. The meeting date and time for the next meeting will be decided later and announced.

Respectfully submitted,

William G. Wilson, MD

Chair, Clinical Medicine Committee