Clerkship/PostClerkship Committee Minutes

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Clerkship/PostClerkship Committee Minutes

Clerkship/PostClerkship Committee Minutes

Clerkship Numbers and Distribution, Disaster Plan, Technology Report, Student Project for Evaluation, Action Items, 2015 Meeting Dates
Universal Passport, Clerkship Start Date, Online USMLE Subject Exam Experience, Clerkship Year End Reports, Requirement of Narrative Comments for all Clerkship Evaluations and CPD Mentors, Teaching Medical Students in a Clerkship, Accomodations for Hearing Impaired Student, Translational Research Science Objectives, Medicine Clerkship, Action Items
Clerkship Preparedness for Hearing Impaired Student, Clerkship Start Dates after Holidays, Clerkship Websites To Be Updated, On-line USMLE Subject Shelf Exams, 4th Year Update, Threads in Clerkships, Safety Concerns, Action Items
Joint Clerkship/PostClerkship Meeting (UVA, Richmond Bon Secours, Fairfax Inova, Western State) Learning Environment, EPAs, Competency Based Education and Proposed University Passport, Anatomy Options in the Clerkships, Feedback Workshop
Learning Objectives, Universal Passport/EPAs, On-line Examination for USMLE Subject (Shelf) Examinations, Graduation Questionnaire SOM Class of 2014, Safety Concerns for Clerkship Students, Duty Hours in Oasis, USMLE Scores, 4th Year Report
07/28/14 Cultural Competency, Learning Objectives for Clerkships, Duty Hours in Oasis
06/23/14 LCME Mock Visit Discussion, Duty Hours, Safety for Students, Billing Issues Related to Student Documentation, Learning Objectives- Mapping Into XCredit, Clerkship Grades, 4th Year Retreat, Clerkship Readiness Survey, USMLE Subject Test On-Line Scheduling
03/24/14 National Changes in Medical Education That Will Affect Clerkships, Procedure Education for Students, EPIC Student Notes, Electives Update, Clerkship Coordinators Update, Fourth Year Retreat 4/14/14,
02/19/14 Joint Clerkship/PostClerkship Meeting (UVA, Richmond Bon Secours, Fairfax Inova, Western State) - Assuring Consistent Quality of Clinical Education Across Multiple Sites, Mulholland Report, Clerkship Responses to Curriculum Committee Recommendations, Group Wisdom, A Resource for Difficult Teaching Situations
01/27/14 Transition of Care IPE Workshop, Workshop Timing, Addressing USMLE Shelf Exam Failures, Transition Course
12/09/13 Clerkship Learning Objectives, Entrustable Professional Activities, CPD and Clerkship Requirements, Transition Course 2014, Feedback on Clerkships, Requirement for Changes to Clerkships
10/23/13 Joint Clerkship/PostClerkship Meeting(UVA, Richmond Bon Secours, Fairfax Inova, Western State) - USMLE Testing Changes, Liason Committee on Medical Education (LCME) Site Visit, Fourth Year Curriculum Changes, Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs),  On-Line NBME Subject Examinations, Residents as Teachers, Outside Clerkship Director's Reports
08/26/13 Patient Safety Curriculum in the Clerkships, Graduation Questionnaire Discussion, Clerkship Reviews 2013, Critical Review of Medical Literature, Weekend Rounding, IT Interim Director Introduction, Process and Rules for Absences
07/22/13 Patient Safety Curriculum, Clerkship Readiness Survey SMD2015, SMD12 Survey, Clership Orientation Materials, Residents as Teachers, Observation of Inpatient Rounds
06/24/13 Passport Sign-Off, End of Clerkship Evaluation Form, Residents as Teachers Learning Modules, NBME Step 2CK Passing Scores Changed
06/03/13 Cultural Competency for the Clerkships,  Continuum of Care, Learning Objectives Across the Curriculum, Opportunity to Observe Inpatient Rounds,  Clerkship Order by College or Learning Community, Medicine OSCE, Bowman Award
04/08/13 Technical Standards Discussion
03/25/13 Professionalism Objectives for Clerkships, Pay for Teaching on the Clerkships, Curriculum Threads, Telemedicine Capability, Clerkship Progress in Learning Objectives, Learning Materials and Assessment, Clerkship Calendar SMD16, PostClerkship Report
02/25/13 Technical Standard Discussion, Professionalism Objectives for Clerkships, Learning Objectives and Materials, Grading Components, OSCEs for Clerkships, Clerkship Coordinator Organization, Scrub Policy, iPhone Application for Clerkship Sign-Off, Resident and Faculty Evaluation
02/20/13 Joint Clerkship/PostClerkship Meeting(Charlottesville, Fairfax INOVA, Bon Secours, Western State):   Mulholland Clerkship Report, Residents as Teachers Update Electives, Electronic Student Record, Life Saving Techniques Workshop, EPIC Use in Clerkships, Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE), Liaison Committee on Medical Education Accreditation Preparation
01/28/13 Clerkship Coordinators, Neurology Clerkship Associate Director, Learning Objectives, Clerkship Learning Materials, Mid-clerkship Feedback and Assessment, Clerkship Websites, Clerkship Requirements
12/10/12 Technical Standards for LCME, Proposed Evaluation Change,  Proposed Centralization of Clerkship Coordinators, Clerkship Grading, Intersession Curriculum, Shelf Examinations in the New Clerkship Format
10/22/12 Threat Assessment, Technical Standards for LCME, Clerkship Grading, Summary of Clerkship Changes for SMD 2015, XCredit, Medical Student Duty Hours, Student Assessment, Associate Clerkship Directors
08/27/12 Mid Clerkship Evaluation Discussion,  Medical Student Documentation in EPIC, Grading Components Across the Clerkships
07/23/12 Discussion of Mid-Clerkship Evaluation, Report from Coordinators Meeting, Continued Professionalism Concerns, Clerkship Changes
06/04/12 Mid-Clerkship Evaluation
05/14/12 Components/Weighting of Components for Clerkship Grade Calculation, Consistent Requirement for “Passport” For Clerkship Requirement Completion and Signoff, Evaluation Tool, Clerkship Learning Objectives, Plan for Mid Clerkship Evaluation, Clerkship Schedule: Evaluations,  Intersession, Committee Name Change: Clerkship/Post Clerkship Committee, Reimbursement of Teaching Elements
04/08/12 Electronic Clerkship Requirement, Meetings of the Committee, Discussion of Overlap, Discussion of SMD2014 Preparedness for Clerkships, Discussion of Clerkship Structure and Schedule for 2015
02/08/12 Joint Clinical Medicine Meeting (Charlottesville, Fairfax, Roanoke & Salem) - Mulholland Clerkship Report, Educational Research and Instruction, Working Group on Clinical Skills Development, Residents as Teachers, Electronic Passport, Integration and Longitudinal Evaluation, Continuity in the Clerkships, Joining Forces Initiative
01/05/12 Overlap Period, Transition Course, Passports and ED-2, CPD, Dress Code for Medical Students
11/28/11 Clerkship Overlap Period, Passports and ED-2, Clinical Skills Expectations, Transition Course, Learning Objectives
08/18/11 New Clerkship Director Introductions, Clerkship Assignment Templates, Epic for Medical Students, Preparation for the LCME Site Visit
05/23/11 Residents as Teachers, Medical Student Role in Epic, Teaching Hours for Clerkships
04/18/11 Student Work Hours, Pay for Teaching in the Clerkships, LCME Residents as Teachers Standard
03/14/11 Introduction of Neurology Clerkship Director, Priscilla Potter,  Residents as Teachers, CPX Exam Review, Clerkship Calendar
12/13/10 CPD in the Clerkships, Future LCME Site Visit, New Neurology Clerkship Director - Priscilla Potter, Pagers for Medical Students, Simulation Center as Source for Developing Clinical Skills
10/30/10 University of Virginia School of Medicine Joint Clinical Medicine Meeting (Charlottesville, Fairfax, Roanoke & Salem)
09/15/10 Plan for Transition Period for Current/New Clerkship Calendars, Pay for Teaching Proposals

Electives for International Students, EPIC Training for Medical Students, Narratives in Elective Evaluations, Transition to the 2012 Clerkship Calendar

04/19/10 Reinforce Work Hour Limits, Lack of Call-room Space, Announcements, Draft Policy on Student Withdrawal
03/08/10 Scheduling Clerkship Examination Prior to Completion of Workshops, New Electives, Policy Regarding Dropped Clerkships, Clerkship Grade Submission, Changes in Oasis Evaluation Form, Structure of Basic Science for Careers
02/15/10  Time Requirements for the NBME Shelf Exam , 2010 CPX Exam Plans, When to Make Up Required Clerkship Workshops, "10 hour" Rule, Student Early Morning Safety Issue, Change to the Uniform Student Evaluation Form
10/21/09  Joint Clinical Medicine Meeting (Charlottesville, Fairfax, Roanoke & Salem)
CPX Review, Review of USMLE-Step 2 CK and Step 2 CS results, Electives and Selectives Update, Learning Objectives, Student Medical Education Committee, Epic Electornic Medical Record at Carilion, Electronic Medical Record at the Salem VA
08/03/09 Progress in new Acute Care Clerkship, Evaluations of Basic Science for Careers
04/06/09 Basic Science for Careers Update, NBME Keyword Item Score Analysis, Student Characteristics Clerkships would like to See in Clerkship Presentations, CPX Exam Results
03/25/09 Joint Clinical Medicine Meeting (Charlottesville, Fairfax, Roanoke & Salem)
New Clerkships, SMEC Focus, Integration of Basic Science Material into Clinical Years Workshop Meetings, Clinical Skills, Next Generation Curriculum
02/16/09 Introduction of Two New Clerkship Directors, Visiting Student Electives Policy,  Basic Science for Careers, CPX Update, Curriculum Modifications
12/15/08 2009-10 Clerkship Changes, Clerkship Grades, Basic Science for Careers Update, CPX Exam Plans, Curriculum Committee Update on new  Cells to Society Curriculum
09/15/08 Format for March 2009 Basic Science for Careers, Draft Calendar for 2009-2010 Academic Year
07/14/08 NBME Subject Examination Requirements, BS4C Course, Class Size
04/28/08 Clerkship Websites, Student Promotions Policy, Class Size, Residents as Teachers, Pay for Teaching
04/02/08 University of Virginia School of Medicine Joint Clinical Medicine Meeting (Charlottesville, Fairfax, Roanoke & Salem)
02/04/08 Passports, Blogging, USMLE Changes, Clerkship Web Site Template, Update from Student Affairs, Clerkship Modifications
10/17/07 University of Virginia School of Medicine Joint Clinical Medicine Meeting (Charlottesville, Fairfax, Roanoke & Salem)
09/04/07 UVA SOM Enrollment, SMEC Representatives, Fall Joint Clerkship Directors Meeting, Electives/Selectives Update, CPX Examination
06/19/07  Clerkship Websites, Clerkship Directors' Survey, Basic Science for Careers course, Cultural Competency, Oasis Issue


Summary of Recommendations from the Recent LCME visit, Shelf Exams, Electives and Selectives Program


University of Virginia School of Medicine Joint Clinical Medicine Meeting (Charlottesville, Fairfax, Roanoke & Salem)


Extramural Needs Assessment, Student Evaluations in Oasis, Security at Salem VA, Selective/Elective Update, UME Allocation Model


Addressing Student Reported Issues in Clerkships, Adherence to NBME Rules for Examinations, Clerkships in Color Project
10/25/06 University of Virginia School of Medicine Joint Clinical Medicine Meeting (Charlottesville, Fairfax, Roanoke & Salem)
09/18/06 Grade Distribution, Mock LCME Site Visit, ED-30, Oasis, Selectives, Joint Clerkship Meeting Announcement
06/15/06 LCME Visit; Family Medical Faculty Development Website, Timiliness of Clerkship Grade Submission
04/12/06 Joint Clinical Medicine Committee Meeting - UVA

Presentation of ISABEL, Clerkship Calendar, Passports, Selectives

11/16/05 On-line Student Evaluations, AAMC Information, Student Notes in Charts, AAMC Graduation Questionnaire
10/19/05 Joint Clinical Medicine Committee Meeting Agenda - Roanoke
08/11/05 ED-2 Implementation, Shelf Exam Scores, Web-based Evaluations, Professionalism Project, Cultural Competency, Grade Reports
05/06/05 Joint Clinical Medicine Committee Meeting Agenda - UVA
02/10/05 LCME Standard ED2, Required Diagnoses List
11/09/04 Clerkship Calendars, Clinical Skills Exam, Student Notes in Hospital Charts, Student Absences from Clerkships


USMLE Changes, Praise/Concern Card, Curricular Changes

LCME Standards, Faculty Evaluation Form


LCME Accreditation Standards, Logbooks, Major Diseases of Our Time,

04/26/04 Clerkship Grades, Clinical Skills Development Proposal

Joint Clinical Medicine Committee - Roanoke

09/03/03  Web-based Evaluation Form, Grading System


Online/PDA-based Patient Log, On-line Course & Faculty Evaluations, Passports
03/03/03 Clinical Skills Passports, USMLE Step 2B, Patient Logs, Impact of Resident 80 Hour Work Week, Curriculum Modification
01/13/03 Clerkship "Call" Duty, Passports, Advanced Clinical Electives
09/16/02 Calendar, Clerkship Grading, Timely Submission of Final Grades, LCME Guidelines
06/20/02 Adult  Learning - Theories and Influences for Medical Education, USMLE Clinical Skills Examination Website,  
06/06/02 Privacy Issues, Passports, Evaluation Forms & Narratives
04/22/02 Clinical Passports, ACE
02/28/02 Clerkship Evaluation Forms/Grades
03/23/01 Clinical Skills Passports, Clinical Connections Program, Calendar 
03/15/01 Clinical Skills Passports, Joint Clerkship Meeting Announcement, Transition Course 
01/25/01 Clinical Connections, Clinical Skills Passports
11/16/00 Calendar, Timely Submission of Clerkship Grades, CPX Exam Results, Third Year Electives, Passports
09/22/00 Academic Calendar, Skills Assessment, Electives for 3rd Year Students
03/30/00 Clerkship Grading Systems


Clinical Connections, Career Day, Clerkship Calendar
11/08/99 Clinical/Basic Science Program
11/01/99 Clinical/Basic Science Program
06/24/99 CPX Exams, Timely Submission of Clerkship Grades, Curriculum Reform, Clerkship Grading Systems
03/18/99 RMP Match Results, Curriculum Revision, PCAM Ambulatory Experience