Clerkship/PostClerkship Committee

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Clerkship/PostClerkship Committee

Clerkship PostClerkship Committee

The Clerkship/Post-clerkship Committee is responsible to the Curriculum Committee and Dean for effecting the goals, objectives and teaching responsibilities of the curriculum for each clerkship and for the electives program; for maintaining an organized schedule of teaching activities and for coordinating student evaluations. The Chair of the Clerkship/Post-clerkship Committee is elected from the clerkship directors with the approval of the Curriculum Committee.

Clerkship/Post-clerkship Committee
Clerkship Directors
Director Elective Programs (Clinical Performance Development-3 Leader)
Clinical Performance Development-2 Leader
Thread Leaders Committee, Chair
Clinical Performance Development -1 Leaders, ex-officio
Students (1 each from clerkship and post-clerkship periods)
Associate Dean for UME, ex-officio
Associate Dean for Medical Education Research and Instruction, ex-officio
College Dean Representative, ex-officio
Student Affairs Representative, ex-officio

All Clerkship/Post-clerkship Committee members are expected to contribute to the Committee's activities; attend at least 2/3 of regular meetings. Appointments are for three years, renewable terms. Regular monthly meetings are scheduled and minutes are posted on the public Curriculum web site.


Clerkship PostClerkship Committee:

Megan J. Bray, M.D. (OBGYN CD)
Huai Y. Cheng, M.D. (Geriatrics CD)
Peter S. Ham, M.D.    (Family Medicine CD)
Evan B. Heald, M.D. (AIM CD)
Pamila A. Herrington,M.D. (Psychiatry CD)
Nancy L. McDaniel   nlm9m@Virginia.EDU  (CPD Director,  Co-Chair)
Eugene D. McGahren   (Surgery CD)
Yvonne G. Newberry   (OBGYN)
Anneke Schroen ats2x@Virginia.EDU  (Surgery Asst. CD)
Ashley Shilling, M.D. abm5f@Virginia.EDU  (Perioperative/Acute Care CD)
Guillermo E. Solorzano ges3b@Virginia.EDU(Neurology CD)
Amita Sudhir, M.D. as2cd@Virginia.EDU  (Perioperative/Acute Care CD)
William G. Wilson, M.D. (Pediatrics CD) (Co-Chair)
Brian Wispelwey, M.D. bw9g@Virginia.EDU  (Medicine CD)
Anne E. Chapin, M.Ed. (Standardized Patient Coordinator)
Donald J. Innes, Jr., M.D. (Assoc. Dean Undergraduate Medical Education)
Allison H. Innes, Ph.D. (Assistant Dean for Student Affairs)
Meg Keeley, M.D. (Elective Program Director)
Darci Lieb dgl6z@Virginia.EDU   (Assistant Director, UME Administration) 
Casey White  cw4xz@Virginia.EDU (Assoc. Dean for Med Ed Research and Instruction)