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Info for Incoming Housestaff

Greetings Incoming Trainees!

The credentialing process is managed online through our training program management software, New Innovations. Upon our receipt of your signed contract, you will receive an email from our office with login info and directions for completing this process. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THIS INFORMATION, PLEASE ALERT US.


Credentialing FAQs

    The GME office will apply for a training license on your behalf annually. The fee is covered by the GMEO. If you elect to obtain an independant license, you must notify us (the responsiblity for the application and fee for this license will be your own). Your training license will be issued in whatever name is listed on your social security card. We are required to credential you in your legal name. Your e-mail account, white coat, EMR profile, ID badge, etc. must all reflect your legal name. We cannot accommodate nicknames, or substitute middle names for first names, etc. If you plan to change your legal name before you begin work (ie, marriage) please alert our Credentials Coordinator so that we can assist you in completing the following paperwork appropriately. The GME Office will pay for your Virginia State Training License. Do not send payment.

    Please be aware that, per policy, we credential physicians according to the degree conferred by their medical school. For example, D.O. for Doctor of Osteopathy, M.D., Doctor of Medicine, M.B.B.S., Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, etc. While all of these degrees use the prefix “Dr.” the credentials you earned are the ones that must be used for identification purposes. For example, we will not substitute “MD” for a trainee who has earned an “MBBS” degree.

  • Basic Life Support Training

    BLS training is required of all GME trainees. Many programs also require additional advanced life support certification--please verify your program's requirements with your program coordinator. Because we cannot accommodate all incoming trainees in courses here, you are strongly encouraged to obtain the required training at your current institution. The GME Office will reimburse the cost of any required BLS/ACLS training once you begin work; please bring receipts from this training to orientation.





Intern Orientation June 16th & 17th

Information to be posted in June.

Upper Level Orientation June 28th (EMR Training) & 30th (GME Orientation)

Information to be posted in June.


Off-cycle Orientation

For anyone starting after July 1st, the GME office will coordinate an Orientation date with your program.


NOTE: Participation in an Orientation event is required.

Because you will not have been assigned parking yet, you must park in the University Hall General Parking lot on Orientation days and take the University Transit Bus to the Hospital. Please allow at least 30 minutes for transport time. Parking and Bus Map