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Info for Departing Housestaff

Credentialing at your new institutions:

  • ACLS Renewals: Your new institution may require that you have current certification. If you need to recertify here….you must do so at least FOUR months prior to your graduation in order to take a course for free, otherwise you will be charged for the course at Life Support Learning Center.
  • Contract end dates: Your malpractice coverage, your license and your IT access all terminate at midnight on the last date of your contract. You should not, therefore, be scheduled to work an overnight shift on the last day of your contract. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD and ensure that you’ve done everything you need to do (wrapping up patient care, cleaning out your INBOX, etc in advance.) If this presents a patient care/scheduling issue, have your Program contact the GME Office well in advance so that we can work out a solution.
  • DEA License: While a trainee here, you were using the institution’s DEA license. (AU2496291) If your forms ask for issue or expiration dates, they would be referring to a DEA you held personally. You can just tell them you did not have your own DEA while here and that should suffice.
  • EPIC: You can print out copies of your Net Learning transcript to prove that you’ve had EPIC training (so you don’t have to repeat!)
  • Graduation Certificates: Your graduation certificates are printed in June.  If you need a letter verifying your training before those are available, the GME Office is happy to produce that for you. Make a notarized copy (or two) of your certificate before you frame it.
  • Immunization Records: You can obtain copies of your immunization records directly from Employee Health.  Call 924-2013.
  • Malpractice: You will need a malpractice verification and claims history from UVA.  This can be obtained from the Medical Center’s Office of Risk Management.  Email Cheryl Skinner, or call her at 924-5595.  You all are insured by the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the ORM manages that for you here.
  • Medical/Dental Insurance: Your insurance coverage ends the last day of the last month that you work. For example, if your contract ends on 6/30, then that’s the day your insurance coverage ends. If your contract ends 7/15 then your insurance coverage would extend until 7/31 (the last day of that month). You will have the option to continue your coverage through COBRA. You will need to pay your own premium. COBRA rules are detailed, and if you need to explore this option you should have a conversation about it with HR directly. Call Bessie Bracey in HR at 243-2573. General information about COBRA can be found at
  • Medicare/Medicaid: Because you cannot bill Medicare/Medicaid while you are a trainee here, you do not have a provider number with them (unless you held one previously from an attending role). You can ignore this question on your credentialing forms. However, you are all now enrolled in PECOS (Medicare) but only with ordering/referring privileges. If you are moving on to another training role, just let your new program that you have already been enrolled w/PECOS. If you are moving on to an attending role, you will need to complete the full Medicare/Medicaid application with your new institution.
  • NPI : Update the NPI database online with your forwarding information. Oftentimes, if we need to contact you for some reason, that’s where we will look first to see if we can find you.
  • Tax Forms: Your W2 for the portion of this calendar year that you worked at UVA will be mailed to you at the address you provide on your exit checklist.
  • Verification of Training: We complete about 50 verification forms a week for former trainees. You can direct any subsequent requests to the GME Office here, unless the form either requires a PD signature, or requires a personal reference of verification of procedural competence (in which case, have the program send the verification directly to your program). We provide verifications for free for the first five years after you’ve left UVA after which time we charge $35 a piece for them.


Note: Make extra copies of all documents as you get them; you will need them at every new institution you work for from here out.


Contract Review

Our friends at the Medical School Alumni Foundation are currently offering a service whereby they can connect you with an attorney to do a contract review at a reduced fee.  Contact Heather McCoy by email or calling 924-2774.

Selling/Renting your home?

The GME office maintains listings where you can submit a housing ad directed to incoming residents. Further details are posted on the page: http:/

Exit Procedures

You’ll be assigned an exit checklist in New Innovations several weeks prior to your departure date.  If you know you are physically leaving far in advance of your actual contract end date, contact me so that I can expedite that process for you.  Instructions on things to return, the dire warnings about the termination of your Outlook/EPIC access (which is immediate, no exceptions), and information on continuing your medical insurance through COBRA are all included in the checklist.