Educational Programs

Educational Programs

GME Credit Program

GME Credits will be granted as a method to acknowledge that residents and fellows at the University of Virginia have received education or training in the areas of the ACGME General Competencies that are mandatory for all programs. In addition, they will be used to help residents and fellows build electronic portfolios. Residents will be expected to earn a minimum of two credits per competency per year of residency.

GME Certificate Program

Residents will have the opportunity to participate in a Certificate Program in Public Health and Clinical Research. Each program will offer two 2-week classes (twice a year July/January) earning 3.0 University credits which can be transferred/applied to any Master's Degree Program. Resident's participation is subject to approval by Program Director. For further information, please contact the Graduate Medical Education Office.

Summer 2014 Courses

  • July 7-18 - Fundamentals of Epidemiology
  • July 7-18 - Quality Mgmt in Health Organizations
  • July 21-Aug 1 - Clinical Trials Methodology
  • July 21-Aug 1 - Clinical Ethics

Winter 2015 Courses

  • Dates TBA - Introduction to Biostatistics
  • Future Courses TBA

For additional information, contact Diane Farineau.

Institutional Curriculum

The GME Office hosts a monthly lecture series for all residents and fellows on topics of learning and working environment. Examples of topics include patient safety, quality improvement, transition of care, supervision, duty hours, mitigation, professionalism, leadership strategies, career development, and business aspects of medicine.  ACGME required subjects such as fatigue management and substance abuse awareness are also addressed.

Typically, GME Core Lectures are held at 7:00 AM on the second Wednesday each month and are approved for both CME and GME Credit. For further information, please contact Sarah Oh in the GME Office at 243-7346.