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For Program Coordinators

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Note: Some resources are on the Health System INTRANET and require a UVa UserID log-in.


All credentialing documents are currently under review for next season; the links will be reactivated as the documents become finalized and ready for use in the 2014-15 credentialing process.


Work/Life Resources




Educational Resources

Coordinator Training Resources


Recruitment Season


Policies & Procedures

Index of GME Policies

  1. Salary
  2. Resident Recruitment & Selection
  3. Leave or Request for Absence
  4. Non-Renewal of Graduate Medical Trainees' Appointment
  5. Assessment of Performance
  6. Grievance
  7. Passing USMLE
  8. Conditions of Employment
  9. Breaches of Confidentiality
  10. ACGME Duty Hour Regulations and Procedures
  11. Internal and External Moonlighting Activities
    (Applications Below in "Documents and Forms" Section)
  12. Supervision for Graduate Medical Trainees
    Supervision for Graduate Medical Trainees (PROTOCOL)
  13. Presence of Other Learners
  14. Employee Health Services
  15. Graduate Medical Trainees Rotating to other Institutional Services
  16. Administrative Support in the Event of a Disaster
  17. Commitment of Education for Critical Care Programs
  18. Reduction in Size/Closure of GME Training Programs
  19. Clinical Duties of Graduate Medical Trainees During Extreme Emergent Situations
  20. Post-graduate Clinical Externships
  21. Multidisciplinary Pain Medicine Programs and Committee
  22. Emergency/Back-up Call for Off Service Trainees
  23. New Innovations
  24. Transitions of Care
  25. Learner Mistreatment (Draft in progress)
  26. Fitness for Duty
  27. Extramural Activities
  28. Visitors, Observers, and Externs
  29. Use of Recording Devices




Internal Program Review

  • Internal Reviews Schedule (In progress)


Site Visits


Documents & Forms

  • Away Rotation (Domestic and International)

Procedure (Updated April 2014)
Form A Required Rotation or Recurring Elective Rotation-INITIAL
Form B Required Rotation or Recurring Elective Rotation-SUBSEQUENT
Form C One Time Elective Rotation
Program Letter of Agreement Template

  • External Visiting Resident Rotation

Agreement (LOA)
Electronic Access Agreement

  • Observerships

Checklist (for period of more than 10 days) 
Checklist (10 days or less)

Internal Moonlighting Request Form
External Moonlighting Request Form
Moonlighting Policy