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The University of Virginia Health System is committed to establishing and maintaining high quality Graduate Medical Education training programs. The Medical Center and School of Medicine provide the diverse patient population, dedicated faculty, excellent clinical and basic science departments, and nationally recognized research programs required to create an environment optimal for learning and for the development of future leaders in the art and science of medicine.

We offer training in 73 ACGME-accredited specialties and subspecialties, and numerous other specialized training programs are available.

If you are one of the more than 765 residents or fellows currently in training at the University of Virginia Medical Center, the GME Administration welcomes you, and encourages comments or suggestions at any time. Office Staff are available to assist you - feel free to contact us via email, in person, or at (434) 243-6297.

The Graduate Medical Education (GME) Administrative Office has a broad range of responsibilities primarily focused on support of Housestaff. The Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education, the Administrative Director, and the GME Office Staff are available to assist in any way we can.

Services We Provide

  • Personnel & Benefits office for Housestaff members
  • Central location for information, services, and support related to Housestaff employment
  • Support to the Clinical Chairs, Training Program Directors, Training Program Coordinators, and Housestaff Officers on a variety issues, projects, and activities

Contact Info

Office: 2461 Barringer Hall
Phone: 434-243-6297 (8:00-5:00 M-F) 
Fax: 434-244-9438


Susan E. Kirk, MD

Associate Dean for
Graduate Medical Education
Designated Institutional Official

(434) 982-6673
Diane Farineau Director, GME Office (434) 924-0425
Joe Boelsche GME Project Coordinator (434) 924-9434
Ranithra Chelliah Coordinator of Finance & Operations (434) 924-2315
Robin Goodwin Administrative Coordinator (434) 243-6297
Sarah Oh, Ph.D ACGME Educational Specialist (434) 243-7346
Tonya Test Administrative Specialist (434) 243-9381
Linda White GME Credentialing Coordinator (434) 924-8145