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CIAG in the Media

November 2015
The interviews from the Nickle for Your Story project were given to Senator Mark Warner.
Fall 2013
How CIAG was involved in the "Captain Phillips" Saga.
Hollywood meets Grounds
CIAG was featured in a video by the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS).
January 29, 2013
CIAG Anthrax Panel Members present on Psychological Perspectives of National Security

Hosted by the Embassy of Italy

Leaders and Terrorist: Psychological Perspectives on National Security
  PART 1: The Terrorist 
January, 29th 2013
Auditorium, 3000 Whitehaven St., NW Washington, DC 20008
Fall 2012

October 17, 2012

Man Charged in Assassination Plot is Expected to Plead Guilty

October 5, 2012

Psychiatrist Details Talks With Suspect in Bomb Plot
NYT describes report of Dr.  Saathoff  on his forensic assessment of M. Arbabsiar, accused of conspiracy to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the U.S.
Spring 2012

March 25, 2012
Panel to Discuss Critical Incidents
Public Panel Session in Rotunda Dome Room, March 25 at 1pm

March 22, 2012
Panel Reviews 2001 Attacks
The Cavalier Daily

March 12, 2012
How to Collaborate Effectively with Lawyers During a Crisis
Eric Stern, Gregory Saathoff, and Brad Kieserman
Emergency Mgmt. Magazine

Fall 2011

December 7, 2011
U.Va. CIAG Panel Reflects on Pearl Harbor Attacks
NBC29 News

December 2, 2011
Pearl Harbor Day CIAG Panel Puts Attacks into Perspective
U.Va. Today

October 31, 2011

Diversion and Misdirection
CIAG Co-Chairman Eric Stern comments on the recent attacks in Oslo
Emergency Mgmt. Magazine
Sept-Oct. 2011


CIAG Executive Director Greg Saathoff Interviewed on Prison Radicalization
Carrie Johnson
June 15, 2011

Spring 2011

CIAG Hosts Deputy Director of National Intelligence
Raymond Nezdel
UVA School of Medicine
April 4, 2011

UVA's CIAG Holds Security Talks
Dannika Lewis
NBC 29
April 3, 2011

Deputy Director of National Intelligence Speaks at UVa
Frankie Jupiter
April 3, 2011

Army Misses Warning Signs About Alleged Anthrax Mailer
Vol. 332 No. 6025, pg. 27
April 1, 2011

Bin Laden Interviewer to Speak at UVa
The Daily Progress
March 30, 2011

Panel on Anthrax Inquiry Finds Case Against Ivins Persuasive
Scott Shane
The New York Times
March 23, 2011

Medical Records Point to Doctor in Anthrax Attack, Report Says
Pete Williams
NBC News
March 23, 2011

Additional Anthrax Panel News

Experts at UVa Address Shifting Piracy
Ted Strong
The Daily Progress
March 18, 2011

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Community Shielding

CIAG studies past critical incidents to understand their impacts on government and society and develops strategies to mitigate their devastating effects.

For more information on CIAG's conferences, symposia, and literature, please click here.

September 2015:


CIAG Executive Director Gregory Saathoff M.D. was invited to the University of Oxford's Harris Manchester College  to participate in a conference entitled “Going to Extremes” sponsored by the Centre for the Resolution of Intractable Conflict. During the conference Dr. Saathoff gave a keynote presentation relating to threat management, radicalization, and recruitment into terrorist groups. 


August 2015:

New Staff Members:


The Critical Incident Analysis Group is happy to announce it has hired four new federal work study students from the University of Virginia as staff members: Raymond Casey Burke, Cameron Haddad, Maihan Far Alam, and Abbigail Dobbertin. Raymond is currently a third year at the University pursuing a double major in English and Cognitive Science. Cameron is a current first year interested in pursuing a degree in Public Policy. Maihan is a current second year pursuing a degree in Foreign Affairs. Finally, Abbiagil is a current graduate student at the Frank Batten School of Public Policy currently pursuing her Masters in Public Policy. CIAG is very excited to have these new members and we look forward to another successful year.

July 2015:

power of prevention

The Power of Prevention: Threat Management Strategies to Disrupt Targeted Shooters cosponsored with the FBI’s Critical Incident Response Group and Research Strategies Network. The two-day conference, entitled “ The Power of Prevention: Threat Management Strategies to Disrupt Targeted Shooters” held at the University of Virginia was comprised of an international group of governmental, private sector, and academic leaders.

June 2015:

New Project Director


Javier Badillo has been named as the new Project Director for the Critical Incident Analysis Group. Originally from Tampa, Florida, Javier is a current fourth year at the University of Virginia pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Affairs and a minor in Sociology. Javier has previously served as a District Intern for Congresswoman Kathy Castor of Tampa, Florida and has previously worked with CIAG since the fall of 2014 formerly serving as a staff member. This summer Javier will oversee the coordination and execution of CIAG’s major conference: The Power of Prevention: Threat Management Strategies to Disrupt Targeted Shooters.

April 2015:

What can young millennials learn from the “Greatest Generation:”

CIAG is excited to announce its collaboration with ParadeRest on a project that explores community resilience and critical incident analysis though the eyes of WWII Veterans. The project, titled “Nickel for your Story,” is an effort to record the stories of all United States military veterans, starting with those from WWII, to preserve these invaluable accounts for future generations

Kavanaugh and Students

Student interns will record the stories of local veterans in exchange for a WWII era, silver Jefferson nickel; the very coins carried in the pockets and purses of these men and women so long ago.  Each account will be submitted to the Library of Congress as part of the Veterans History Project.  We're grateful for the recent media attention of the project, which was featured in Stars and Stripes, UVA Today, the Cavalier Daily, the Daily Progress, and on NBC29 News.

February 2015:

CIAG Executive Director and Chairman of the Steering Committee Travel to Europe for Athena Consortium

Athena Project motorcycle imageGreg Saathoff M.D., and Chris Holstege M.D. will travel to Europe this winter to contribute expertise to the Athena Project. This meeting of partner organizations will discuss and plan for the progress of the program. The Athena Project is an innovative European Union funded initiative pioneering smarter communications for critical incident. Among the partners included in this international collaboration are the University of Virginia and Harvard University.

January 2015:

CIAG Executive Director, Greg Saathoff M.D., Edits New Publication on Big Data


CIAG Executive Director, Greg Saathoff served as an editor and contributor for the upcoming book, Application of Big Data for National Security: A Practitioner's Guide to Emerging Technologies. The book will be released in early 2015. While not yet available, the book is available for pre-order from Amazon using the following link:

9 July 2014:

Data Driven Security Strategies Across the World

RSN board members met with academic and private security colleagues in the United Kingdom on July 9th 2014. In collaboration with the Centre of Excellence in Terrorism, Resilience, Intelligence & Organised Crime Research (CENTRIC) and SAP, RSN participated in the Future of Policing event. Billed as the essential event for law enforcement professionals the event took place at the SAP Innovation Center. The event featured speakers who are the key influential thinkers and opinion shapers from the worlds of policing and security, both in the UK and USA. Topics of discussion included the future challenges facing the police in today's digitally connected society.

For more information on the event, visit

 July 2014: 

Research in Targeted Violence

Christine Standahl McClainChristine Standahl McClain, a fourth year student in the School of Medicine at the University of Virginia, will join the Critical Incident Analysis Group (CIAG) team for a research elective relating to the phenomenon of targeted and mass violence. For her work, Ms. Standahl McClain will review publicly available source material that relates directly to recent cases of targeted violence. 


20 June 2014:

Lessons from the AnthraxEBAPAttacks

Law enforcement leadership, represented by the United States Capitol Police, provided Critical Incident Analysis Group (CIAG) colleagues and Expert Behavioral Analysis Panel (EBAP) members a briefing of the events surrounding the response to the Anthrax mailing attacks of October 2001. EBAP1 flattened

 20 June 2014:

Anthrax and Insider Threat

Red Cross ConferenceColleagues within the Critical Incident Analysis Group (CIAG) joined with members of the Expert Behavioral Analysis Panel (EBAP) in a briefing hosted by the American National Red Cross at their Disaster Operations Center. Panel members from Duke, Harvard, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Rochester, University of Virginia, and the American Red Cross briefed governmental and law enforcement colleagues on their panel's findings and recommendations. 

 18 June 2014:

ACC Threat Assessment Conference

ACC Assessment Conference The CIAG participated in the FBI Threat Assessment at the Atlantic Coast Conference University Emergency Preparedness and Emergency Response Conference held at the University of Virginia’s Newcomb Hall on June 17th, 2014. Andre Simons was the main speaker and was recently featured in the October 2014 issue of Esquire in an article by Tom Junod, which is titled “A Radical New Look at Mass Shooters. Why They do it and How to Stop Them”. 

Read more... 

17 June 2014: 

Faculty Governance and Disaster Response

Disaster-Response-ConferenceChristopher Holstege, MD, who chaired the Faculty Senate from 2013-2014, joined senate colleague Gweneth West and 2014-2015 Chairman of the General Faculty Council, Gregory Saathoff, MD, in briefing university leaders in disaster response and the role of faculty in designing university-related response planning. 

April 2014: 

Katrina JohnsonKatrina Johnson was named Critical Incident Analysis Group (CIAG) intern for the summer of 2014. Katrina is a rising second year student at the University of Virginia, and was selected in April to conduct research specific to the work of CIAG. In the context of her duties, Ms. Johnson will assist the group in preparing for upcoming bioterrorism-related briefings at the US Capitol.

December 2013:


Newly designed, Award Winning Charlottesville Fire Station Prepares for New Era in Fire Safety and Disaster Response

Fontaine Fire Station

The Charlottesville Fontaine Avenue Station and Training Center officially won the national award for the best fire station architectural design in 2011. Operations are planned to begin on January 6th 2014 and will be the first new fire station in Charlottesville in more than half a century.  Click here for more information


November 2013:

Innovations in Policing Conference co-sponsored with Law Enforcement Action Network and Research Strategies Network

InnovationsInPolicing Logo


The one-day conference, entitled “Challenges and Innovations in Combating Urban Crime” in Washington DC was comprised of an international group of governmental, private sector and academic leaders. Participants included FBI Assistant Director James Yacone of the Critical Incident Analysis Group (CIRG) and colleagues from the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime, Washington D.C. Chief of Police Cathy Lanier, Assistant Chief of Los Angeles Port Police Michael Hillmann, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty, CBS Senior Correspondent John Miller, Robin Montgomery, Chief of Police in Brookfield, CT, Former Virginia Governor and Senator Chuck Robb, Former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese, Darrel Stephens, Executive Director of the Major Cities Chiefs Association, Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute, Dr. Roger Depue of the Academy Group and senior representatives of the Centre of Excellence in Terrorism, Resilience, intelligence and Organized Crime Research at Sheffield Hallam University.

October 2013:

Officials from the Centre of Excellence in Terrorism, Resilience, intelligence and Organized Crime Research (CENTRIC) visited Charlottesville and the University of Virginia to meet with Charlottesville Fire Chief Charles Werner and to tour his city’s state-of-the-art fire station that has been judged to be the most advanced and architecturally significant station in the country.


 Professor Akhgar, Chief Werner, Andrew Staniforth

Professor Akhgar, Chief Werner, Andrew Staniforth


Professor Akhgar, who serves as the Executive Director of CENTRIC in addition to his duties at Sheffield Hallam University, and Andrew Staniforth, Senior Research Fellow and Advisory Board Member of CENTRIC, met with Charles Werner to discuss shared objectives in facilitating information technology for use in planning for and responding to critical incidents.


Click here for more background on Chief Charles Werner relating to his commitment to disaster response and its relationship to emerging information technology.


The Emergence of Molly


CIAG Steering Committee Chair Chris Holstege, M.D. in his role as UVA Chief of Toxicology and Director of UVA Student Health discusses the dangers of emergent use of "Molly" as a drug of abuse.

August 2013:


Dr. Holstege has expanded his administrative responsibilities in 2013.  In addition to his leadership as the Chief of Medical Toxicology and his Professorship within the Department's of Emergency Medicine & Pediatrics, he has also assumed the Executive Director role of the University of Virginia's Student Health.

July 2013:

CIAG Executive Director Named to Advisory Board of UK Centre 


Gregory Saathoff MD has been named to the Advisory Board of the Centre of Excellence in Terrorism, Resilience, Intelligence & Organized Crime Research.

CENTRIC is a multi-disciplinary and end-user focused research network, located within the Cultural, Communication and Computing Research Institute (C3RI) at Sheffield Hallam University. The global reach of the CENTRIC network now links both academic and professional expertise across a range of disciplines providing unique opportunities to progress ground-breaking research.

Similar to CIAG and modeled after the University of Virginia program, the strategic aim of CENTRIC is to facilitate communication and creative solutions within the four key stakeholders in the security domain; Government, Academia, Public, and Private industry

The mission of CENTRIC is to provide a platform for researchers, practitioners, policy makers and the public to focus on applied research in the Security domain.


CIAG wishes to thank Research Strategies Network (RSN) for their continued support of CIAG programs. More information on the Research Strategies Network can be found at: Research Strategies Network.

Critical Incident - an event that has the potential for causing social trauma and undermining social trust, creating fear that may have impact on community life and even on the practice of democracy.

Recent Events at CIAG

25-27 March 2012
Federal Critical Incident Response - CIAG 2012 Spring Conference
Rouss Hall, University of Virginia
Participants include Steve Tidwell (FBI Acad.), Shaun Casey (Wesley Theol. Seminary), and Simeon Yates (Sheffield-Hallam Univ., UK)
7 December 2011
Building a Resilient Nation: Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the Attacks on Pearl Harbor
McLeod Hall, University of Virginia
Participants include Lt. Gen. Joseph Inge (ret.) and Col. Fred Borch
News Release
3-5 April 2011
Insider Threats - CIAG 2011 Spring Conference
  Charlottesville, VA
Participants include Deputy Director of National Intelligence, John Miller
17 March 2011
Hostage Crisis on the High Seas: Examining Somali Piracy Cases
Rouss Hall, University of Virginia
Participants include Executive Director Greg Saathoff MD and Chief Counsel of FEMA Brad Kieserman
Press Release
10 March 2011
Partners in Preparedness
American Red Cross - National Headquarters
Washington, DC
"Preparing for, responding to, and recovering from emergencies"
Panelists include Executive Director Greg Saathoff MD
21-23 March 2010
7 December 2009
Building a Resilient Nation
Rotunda North Plaza
29-31 March 2009

Resolving Hostage Crises:
Lessons from Colombia

On the Grounds of the University of Virginia

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