The Overall Infrastructure

The UVAMRC, under the guidance of the faculty advisor and Professional Advisory Board, is organized into two main divisions: Operations and Administration.  The Operations Division consists of three main areas, including an integration program to facilitate UVAMRC members into the existing community emergency response structure, an interdisciplinary medical response unit, and a public health project initiative.  The Administration Division houses both personnel and training components, as well as the representation from other participating schools.

The Division of Operations

This division is led by the Chief of Operations, Landon Smith.  It consists of three main components.  The first component coordinates the integration of student and health professional volunteers into the existing response structure, where areas of weakness or understaffing have been identified.  The second component organizes a multidisciplinary medical response unit that can be flexibly deployed to support a particular disaster situation or emergently identified public health need.  The third component targets an identified public health issue and implement an educational or service project that addresses this need within our region on an ongoing basis.

The Division of Administration

This division is lead by the Director of Administration, Brian Kipe.  It consists of several components.  The first component coordinates a recruitment campaign, initially directed toward University students and identified key health professionals, later expanding to the community at large and targeting non-academic and retired healthcare personnel.  The second component is directed at personnel, specifically the development of a computerized database and registration system for volunteers that will track licensing, credentialing, and security clearance activities in cooperation with the Northwest Region Hospital Planning Group and UVA Emergency Preparedness.  The third component, geared toward training, establishes minimum expectations for participation and supervision of volunteers and will work with in-state and national certifying organizations to ensure the applicability and availability of required training courses and mentored experiences.  Also, the coordination of UVAMRC participation in regional disaster training exercises falls under the guidance of this component

The Professional Advisory Board

The Professional Advisory Board (PAB) consists of members from the UVA School of Medicine Faculty, UVA Health System, Martha Jefferson Hospital, the Emergency Operations Center, Central VA Red Cross, Thomas Jefferson Health Departement, and other Community Programs.  A list of the current PAB membership is being revised and will be posted in the near future.