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Appreciative Inquiry in Healthcare Info

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Appreciative Inquiry in Healthcare:  Positive Questions to Bring Out the Best is a practical “toolkit” designed to stimulate positive change and engage others in creating the healthcare environment so desperately needed today.  It is an encyclopedia of positive questions to help you and your team bring out the best in patient care, quality and safety, professional relationships, academic medicine, leadership, and more.

Diana Whitney and faculty of the Center for Appreciative Practice have created this book as the result of dozens of hours of conversation and interviews at the UVa.  Over the past four years, this interprofessional team has worked with more than 30 groups encompassing all levels and aspects of healthcare, helping to guide them through the process of culture change.  This book is the distillation of their work – questions designed to:

  • Harness the creative energy and passion of people at all levels
  • Focus the positive energy on the challenges facing your healthcare organization
  • Create a culture of top-quality care
  • Learn about and support the best of caregivers, patients, and families
  • Embrace improvement opportunities with commitment and optimism
  • Build collaboration based on trust and a belief in the best of one another


Questions in the book focus on the following topics:

  • Keeping the Patient at the Heart of All That We Do
  • Helping Patient's Deal with Loss and Transition
  • Offering Hope and Healing
  • Fostering Patients' Health
  • Working Together in Teams
  • Caring for the Caregivers
  • Experiencing the Awe and Wonder of our Jobs
  • Hiring and Keeping the Best Employees
  • Making the Most of Medical Education
  • Ensuring Organizational Excellence
  • Creating a Positive Atmosphere
  • Fostering Safety
  • Demonstrating Effective Leadership


Click here to download a sample of the book.

Although the book is designed to stimulate change in the healthcare arena, the questions are easily adapted to other professional environments, too.

AI in Healthcare is now available on, or you can purchase a copy directly from the Center (which gets you a free bookmark!).