Curriculum for the Research Training Program

The mission of our broad-based interdisciplinary CAM research training program is:


  1. to improve the quality of training in research including CAM-relevant research; and

  2. to make a significant contribution to the preparation of cohorts of highly trained CAM researchers who will be prepared to address the many questions of efficacy, safety, effectiveness, and mechanism of action(s).


We offer coursework that encompasses a broad range of scientists who are interested in the mechanisms of human disease, therapeutic responsiveness, and mechanism(s) of action of selected CAM products. Our core curriculum includes an array of clinical research-related topics of interest. Trainees should select elective courses that will further enhance employment upon completion of the CAM research training.

Our overall curriculum to develop and nurture diverse, multidisciplinary trainees embarking on a career in CAM-related research remains highly flexible and lends itself to modification to meet the specific goals and objectives of individual trainees based upon focus, prior coursework, and stage of development in the conduct of research.