NATIONAL POISON PREVENTION WEEK is always the 3rd full week of March. Take a moment to read some prevention tips (below). Keep yourself and your loved ones safe from poisons...during poison prevention week and EVERY week.

Print a one-page CHECKLIST of steps to a poison safe home.



Young children are at a high risk for poisoning because they are curious, they like to imitate adults, they put things in their mouths, and they don't know what is safe to eat or drink.  Click here to learn how you can protect young children from poisoning.

Face worried

Adults get poisoned, too. In fact, most poisoning deaths happen to adults, not to children.   Click here for tips to keep yourself and other adults in your home safe from poisoning.

Pills in hand

Prescription and over-the-counter medicines account for more poisonings in the U.S. than any other substance. Seniors are at a special risk for poisoning. As we age, we may need more medicines. Keeping track of all medicines we take can be confusing. And it’s harder to read the small print on medicine labels. Click here for medication safety tips.