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In the April 19, 2000 edition of JAMA, Drs. Anne Scheetz and Mary Fry introduced the concept of using exactly 55 words to create patient narratives. The 55-word rule forces the writer to be concise and accurate in his thoughts and descriptions. This 55-word “artist narrative” has become a Veritas tradition. Meet the artists who have generously contributed their talents to this year’s edition of Veritas

Leah Acosta . SMD ‘07

With the heart of a poet and the mind of a doctor, Leah draws inspiration and sustenance from her Faith, family, friends, and inordinate amounts of chocolate. A sleep-deprived surgery call (Q3: 'strong!' 'FAN-tastic!') generated “He Exhaled...”; the emotions felt glimpsing a swing by a bulldozed home evoked the nostalgia of abandonment in “Swing Low.”


Jacqueline Dovgalyuk . SMD ‘07

Twins . . . Nec Fasc

Jackie is a fourth year medical student and proud mother of three young boys - Mark Thomas, age 2½, and twins Evan and Kyle born in May 2005. The photograph “Twins” is the work of her and husband Pavel in their attempt to create the perfect birth announcement. Jackie is pursuing Emergency Medicine in 2007.


Tabor Flickinger . SMD ‘07


Doug Gallo . SMD ‘09
Doug’s short attention span is pulling him toward emergency medicine. He loves driving cattle across the western plains, running with SRVS, taking photographs, pondering humanity while perched on a rooftop, or enjoying the company of friends. At present, he is happily following his dream of becoming a doctor while leaving smiley faces wherever he goes.


Lauren B. Hartman, SMD ‘06
New Yorker at heart...but has loved living in Charlottesville. Will be heading to Providence, RI for residency with former anatomy partner turned husband. Lauren will be pursuing Pediatrics and is extremely excited for the path ahead. Enjoys traveling, movies, spending time with friends, eating sushi and drinking wine.


Anh E-Bui Ho, SMD ‘09
Virginia raised, Miami born, Saigon inside. The lens, which spells tourist across his face, is all that separates his two eyes from the world around. Easier than writing, less tiring then biking, auto-focus is where it’s at. He and his work, forced to name and conform. It’s jus’ for decoration; das it and das all.


Alexandra Nelson
Iwashyna . SMD ‘06
Alexandra Nelson Iwashyna finished her last day of medical school! She likes to read, give her opinion to those who will listen, and dance with her wonderful husband. She has been writing poetry since she was fourteen and hopes (with continued encouragement) to write until she is ninety-four at which point she can just rest.


Carly Kreps . SMD ‘06

Thank You, 48 yo Down's Syndrome Woman. . . Thank You, Metastatic Lung Cancer Guy . . . Thank You, Alcohol Detox Guy

Carly Kreps does not write much, but she does the following activities quite frequently: watch reality TV, slow-play trips, win IM softball championships thanks to her teammates who are much better than she is, and call her mom at 1am for no reason. She is currently waiting by her cell phone in case LeBron calls.


Stephen D. Lee . SMD ‘08
Stephen once read that “If you can’t be a good example, you’ll just have to be a terrible warning,” and has lived his life with that noble goal in mind ever since. A master procrastinator, Stephen should eventually excel at everything, but hopes for the moment to become a decent doctor and/or human being.


Lindsey Neal . SMD ‘07
Lindsey Neal is a 4th year graduating in 2007. Curly-haired wife, mother, medical student, artist, and activist. Avidly searching for balance, peace and her son's pacifier. Adores anything purple or chocolate. Explored intaglio printmaking and photography as an undergraduate and plans to delve into them as a 4th year (and hopefully again before she retires).


Parker Ruhl . SMD ‘06


Allie Scott . SMD ‘06
If Allie didn’t go into medicine, opera would be her calling. Lover of theatre, film, and all things arts-related, Allie is headed to Manhattan to train as a Psychiatrist at Columbia University. She and her boyfriend Alex are proud new homeowners of a wee apartment across from The Dakota, and a backyard called Central Park.


Samuel Andrew Taylor, Jr., MD
Child of God, husband, father, son, grandson, brother, friend, doctor, amateur photographer and chef, stuttering poet, seeker of wisdom and finder of humility. Happiness is the warmth of my daughter when falling asleep in my arms. Peace is momentarily being unaware that there is anything else. Enlightenment is loving without reservation, provocation, guile or reciprocity.


Michael Weber . SMD ‘06


Ali C. Welch, SMD ‘06
Born in Annapolis, raised on the Connecticut coastline, and frequent weekender on Maryland's Eastern Shore, Ali enjoys everything water related: sailing, swimming, scuba diving, and jet skiing. Creative outlets include music, painting, and journaling. She is inspired by nature, travel, and everyday life. After a year in Delaware, she will complete her residency in Seattle.


Karen Wheeler, SMD ‘07


David E. Winchester, MD
Native of Florida recently immigrated to the Commonwealth. Married to a wonderful woman named Erin. Currently treading vigorously to keep his head above the murky waters of medical internship. Aspirations of cardiology. Amateur writer and journal-keeper of tall tales, anecdotes, and minor legends. Many thanks and humble gratitude to my wife, family, friends, and patients.


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