Hook Scholars Information

Hook Scholars Information

Edward W. Hook Scholars in Humanities and Ethics

The Center for Biomedical Ethics and Humanities (CBEH) announces the Edward W. Hook Scholars in Humanities and Ethics, a four-year undergraduate medical education program in humanities, ethics, and arts.


Longtime Department of Medicine chair Edward W. Hook MD MACP (1924-1998) was a celebrated clinician, investigator, teacher, and national medical leader who inspired others to understand disease, doctoring, and health in terms of culture, geography, ethics, economics, psychology, and politics as well as the biological sciences. Throughout his career, he sought to train better, more humanistic doctors by helping medical students and residents develop and deploy core clinical competencies of observation, reflection, moral awareness, and compassion. He was fiercely committed to his trainees, faculty, and staff and the patients they served. While chair of Medicine, Dr. Hook created the first faculty position in biomedical ethics at the UVA School of Medicine (John Fletcher PhD, 1988). When he retired as department chair in 1991, Dr. Hook founded and directed the Program of Humanities in Medicine that preceded our Center.

The Hook Scholars in Humanities and Ethics is a program named in Dr. Hook’s memory—with his family’s blessing—and organized along the lines of UVA’s robust Generalist Scholars Program (GSP). Like the GSP, the Hook initiative is intended to complement the four-year undergraduate medical curriculum. Each year, the program will select four to six first-year medical students as Hook Scholars, thus providing them with a humanities, bioethics, and arts pathway through their four years of medical education and into their medical careers.

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