Andrology Fellowship

Andrology Fellowship

Urology Fellowship in Andrology

Program Director: Raymond A. Costabile, MD

Assistant Program Director: Ryan Smith, MD


Location: University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia
Duration: 1 or 2 years
Number of Fellowships: 1
Requirements: Completion of an Approved Urology Residency

The Andrology Fellowship at the University of Virginia aims to provide the Fellow with the depth of knowledge and surgical skill necessary to provide expert specialty care in the field of Andrology (sexual medicine and male infertility) to the patient.  Microsurgical techniques and experiences are taught in a lab and clinical environment.  Office-based assessment for patients with sexual dysfunction or infertility is experienced through a mentorship approach.  The Fellow may elect to continue work as a General Urologist during the Fellowship allowing a maturation of surgical skills and knowledge particularly in the field of reconstructive surgery.  Research time is protected at least 3.5 days/week to ensure opportunity to explore clinical questions.  Bench research is guided by a dedicated laboratory staff with a strong background in andrology research.  Upon completion, the fellow will have the background to become a leader in the field of andrology through Research and Clinical Practice.

Clinical Experience

Clinical time (two half-day clinics and one OR day/week) represents approximately 30% of the fellowship experience.

Clinical time will include the Fellow’s own clinic and surgery.  The clinic will run parallel with Dr. Costabile’s clinic to allow discussion and review of andrology and infertility cases.  General urology patients will also be included in the fellow’s clinical time with the majority of patients being examined for problems with infertility and sexual dysfunction (vasectomy reversal, oligo/azoospermia, Peyronie’s disease, ART eval etc).

Surgical time will be performed at the outpatient surgery center, clinic procedure rooms and main operating rooms.  It is required that the Fellow participate in all Andrology cases.  The Fellow is able to schedule and perform general urologic procedures within their ability.

Research Experience

Research time comprises the remaining 70% of the Fellowship.

Research is performed under the guidance of Jeffrey Lysiak, PhD.  The Fellow may be involved with research already underway.  New research topics and opportunities are mandatory for to the fellow to begin their own research.  Current research is focused on the role of erectile dysfunction in many disease processes and the role of engulfment by Sertoli cells.  Both clinical research and bench research are available for study.


Departmental conferences are held twice weekly and are required.  A Resident-based conference occurs once a week as well and the Fellow will assist with the Infertility and Andrology topics.

Several national conferences are important for the fellow to attend.  These usually include the annual AUA meeting, ASRM, and the American Society of Andrology.  Other meetings are attended based on funding and presentations.


Performance evaluation will be assessed at 3, 6, and 11 months.  On-the-spot feedback is provided during procedures and when requested.

Applying for the Fellowship

Please send your Letter of Interest, CV and two (2) letters of recommendation to the contact below.  If the applicant would like to visit the campus, please call to schedule a time as well.


Raymond A. Costabile MD

The University of Virginia Health System
Urology Department
P. O. Box 800422
Charlottesville, VA 22908


Ryan Smith MD

The University of Virginia Health System
Urology Department
P. O. Box 800422
Charlottesville, VA 22908


For additional information, please contact:

Kathy Stevens

Assistant to Dr. Costabile & Dr. Ryan

Phone:  434-924-9560