Meet our Residents

Meet our Residents

Jules Manger – PGY5 – Chief Resident


Undergraduate:  University of Virginia, 2003

Medical School:  Boston University School of Medicine, 2009

Kasey Morrison – PGY5 – Chief Resident


Undergraduate:  Howard University, 2005

Medical School:  University of Virginia, 2009

Michael Burris – PGY4


Undergraduate:  North Carolina State University, 2005

Medical School:  East Carolina University School of Medicine, 2010

Matthew Steele – PGY4


Undergraduate:  University of Georgia, 2006

Medical School:  Medical College of Georgia, 2010

Jennifer Davila-Aponte – PGY3


Undergraduate:  Duke University, 1986

Medical School:  University of Virginia, 2011

Matthew Timberlake – PGY3


Undergraduate:  The University of Texas, 2004

Medical School:  Baylor College of Medicine, 2011

Riel Smith-Harrison – PGY2


Undergraduate:  Washington and Lee University, 2008

Medical School:  University of Virginia, 2012

Karen Wheeler – PGY2 (Leadership Track)


Undergraduate:  Virginia Military Institute, 2003

Medical School:  University of Virginia, 2012

Rebecca Zee – PGY2


Undergraduate:  Boston University, 2002

Medical School:  Boston University, 2012

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