Division of Transplant Surgery

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Division of Transplant Surgery

The Transplant Surgery Division, in conjunction with the Charles O. Strickler Transplant Center and the University of Virginia Health System, provides comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic care of surgical diseases involving transplantation of kidneys, livers, heart, lung, and pancreas. The University of Virginia established its first transplantation program in the early 1960s with a commitment to excellence in patient care that continues today.

Our Division includes board certified transplant surgeons with training representing the entire spectrum of surgical experience. The newest techniques of transplant surgery including laparoscopic organ retrieval, living donation, and recent advances in organ preservation are being studied and employed in our efforts. All faculty members have full-time appointments to the University of Virginia with adjunct teaching appointments to the Salem Veterans Administration Hospital in Salem, Virginia. All members of the Division actively engage in the academic mission of the Department of Surgery - clinical excellence, teaching and research.


Research in Transplant Surgery