Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are investigational studies which help determine whether a medical  treatment or device is safe and effective for humans. They are the final step in a long process that begins with preliminary laboratory research. Clinical trials try to answer specific scientific questions to find better ways to prevent, detect, or treat a disease or to improve care for people with a specific condition.  The purpose of clinical trials is research, so the studies follow scientific standards. These standards protect patients and help produce reliable study results for making healthcare decisions.  

We are currently enrolling patients in the following studies:





 Vascular Condition Treated 1   


Vascular Condition Treated 3


Vascular Condition Treated 6


Research Study for Adults Who Need Surgery to Correct an Aortic Dissection


Blunt Aortic Injury Study


Aortic Aneurysm Study for Adults


Department of Radiology Seeks Volunteers Ages 16-70 with Acute Venous Thrombosis for Research Study

Research Study for Those Scheduled for Vena Cava Filter Placement





  Vascular Condition Treated 2  


 Vascular Condition Treated 4


Vascular Surgery