Resources / Equipment

Resources / Equipment

FACILITIES: Our research space includes a 750 sq. ft. fully equipped molecular biology laboratory (Room 3111), an adjacent 750 sq. ft. animal surgical laboratory (Room 3115) which contains dedicated small rodent surgery areas, a 200 sq. ft. equipment/animal-prep room, and a 100 sq. ft. cold room. The surgical laboratory houses our isolated rabbit lung model, isolated mouse lung system, mouse/rat surgery suites, and a rat model of cardio-pulmonary bypass. Autoclaving, laundry and dishwashing facilities are available on the same floor.

OFFICES: Our research offices are located across the hall from our laboratories. Room 3112 is the office of Dr. Laubach,  Room 3116 is the office of Tony Herring, our Laboratory Manager, and Room 3118 is the office for our PostDocs, Residents and Students. There is also a shared conference room located on our floor for laboratory meetings and presentations. In addition, there are desks in each laboratory for use by students and technicians.

COMPUTERS: Our offices and laboratories are equipped with laser printers, color printers, and Dell computers connected to the University-wide network for full internet access. Software on all computers includes MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat Professional, Endnote and SPSS.

The molecular biology laboratory (Room 3111) is equipped with:  Dell computer connected to a Gel Documentation & Analysis System (Alpha Innotech's FlourChem 8900) and to a Nikon Digital camera attached to a Nikon phase-contrast microcope , refrigerated superspeed floor centrifuge (Sorvall RC5B), UV/VIS-spectrophotometer (Pharmacia), Microquant UV-VIS ELISA plate reader (Bio-Tek), refrigerated bench-top swinging bucket centrifuge (IEC), two Eppendorf microcentrifuges, refrigerated Eppendorf microcentrifuge, PCR machine (MJ Research), Polytron tissue homogenizer (Brinkman), two upright -85°C freezers, cell-culture hood (Baker), two cell culture CO2 incubators (Forma), pH meter, two Eppendorf thermomixers, 3 water baths, two Mettler balances, inverted microscope (Olympus), bacterial culture oven incubator, shaker incubator, a dedicated space for radioactive hybridizations and related equipment, vacuum oven, UV crosslinker (Stratagene), vacuum concentrator (Labconco), gel dryer (BioRad), 4 BioRad power supplies, 3 BioRad Western blot apparatus, -20°C freezer, refrigerator, MilliQ water purification system, hybridization oven.       

The animal surgery laboratory (Room 3115) is equipped with:  an isolated mouse lung system with accompanying computer & ventilator (Hugo Sachs Elektronik, Germany), an isolated rabbit lung perfusion system with ventilator & computer, two Corning blood gas machines, refrigerator, -20°C freezer, 4 pressure-controlled small rodent ventilators (Kent Scientific), 2 small rodent surgery suites with heated platforms, Mettler balance, two operating microscopes (Leica), a Cytospin 3 centrifuge (ThermoShandon).