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Appointment and Referral Information

The U.Va. Health Sciences staff makes it a policy to respond promptly and comprehensively to all inquiries.

Our 24-hour toll-free telephone number for physician referrals (800) 552-3723 provides health professionals with constant access to our physicians and other experts for referrals, consultations, emergencies and information.

For rapid access to specialized assistance, patients may contact physicians in our department at the phone numbers listed below. The department and its staff will take charge of scheduling appointments and initiating hospital admissions.



Appointments (434) 924-2150
General Surgery (434) 924-0376
Pediatric Surgery (434) 924-2673
Cardiothoracic Surgery (434) 243-6828
Transplant Surgery (434) 924-8604
Surgical Oncology (434) 924-1730


Trauma/Emergency Transport PEGASUS TRANSPORT
In Virginia (800) 882-4354
Outside Virginia (800) 552-1826


Written Inquiries

Department of Surgery
PO Box 800679
Charlottesville, Virginia 22908-0679